Microsoft quietly makes huge change to Xbox Play Anywhere description

Microsoft cross-play plans

Microsoft's E3 press conference was full of surprises, and probably the most significant one was Microsoft cross-play plans for PC and Xbox One.

So now it's only the titles that they showed onstage at E3 that are published by Microsoft.

Microsoft's Xbox Anywhere initiative, which would bring all their Xbox games going forward to the PC, was certainly a bold move- it was ambitious and staggering in its scope, and also something that had never been attempted in the console market before, owing to the premium that the console market places on exclusives. The games supporting this feature include Gears Of War 4, ReCore, Forza Horizon 3 and many more.

This news comes to us courtesy of a Windows blog post where Microsoft corporate vice-president Yusuf Mehdi confirmed that it is Microsoft's current intent to support the Xbox Play Anywhere system with "every new title published from Microsoft Studios".

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It also says those who have previously uninstalled, and those with a PC that can't support Windows 10 , will not see the new ads. We can assume that mobile update will follow the PC counterparts with Windows 10 devices being the first to get this update.

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While the wording there is a little tricky, it's clear the game won't be coming to Play Anywhere. You'll also be able to carry over game progress and achievements.

Still, there have been reports that "Halo 6" will be included in the Xbox Play Anywhere despite "Halo 6" not being shown during E3 because, according to Gamespot, the release of "Halo 5" free Forge Tools on Windows 10 could possibly open the doorway for "Halo 6" to be available for PC.