Fisherman captures old GoPro and reveals unusual footage

Fisherman Catches Lost Go Pro In Water

GoPro makes some wonderful action cameras that are good for just about any action-packed activity.

One video from 2011 shows footage from a camera that made its way to a reef on Kite Beach in the Dominican Republic. Another video, from 2015, shows cliff divers accidentally dropping their GoPro into the water.

The GoPro kept recording for roughly a half hour after the diver lost the camera, and the dying moments of the GoPro recorded an intrepid crab that apparently took interest with the camera.

While sitting on the ocean floor, the GoPro recorded the seaweed moving about in the currents and the sand getting kicked up as it rolled.

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As you might expect, not a lot has happened for a while, but the appearance of the crab is a definite highlight.

The video ends with a text saying that even though the camera looks beyond fix.