Outlander: 10 Burning Questions We Have for Season 3


If you were a tad disappointed with the total lack of battle at the end of this season, have no fear!

The "Outlander" Season 2 finale, titled "Dragonfly In Amber", aired on Saturday night, and it was an epic finale.

According to Zap2It, filming for Season 3 will take place in late August and early September. One of the most heartbreaking scenes, this season was when Claire lost her baby and both she and Jamie have been grieving the child ever since returning to Scotland. Brianna refuses to believe the odd circumstances of her conception, but Roger (Richard Rankin) becomes intrigued.

Certainly, once she meets Jamie you're never going to root for Claire to go back, you're just not, but I think you have to understand why she'd want to.

Later, Claire finds Jamie's grave, which is marked with a marriage stone also including her name, but no death date.

Claire and Brianna attend the funeral, so Claire can pay her respects.

This season turned out much better than the previous season owing to the fact that the storyline is perfectly built brushing aside a few sloppy moments. Although we can't say much about the introduction of Claire and Jamie's grown daughter, we can tell you that the powers that be at Outlander could not have found a more ideal fit than Sophie Skelton to fill this role.

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However, co-executive producer Maril Davis said fans should not expect things between Jamie and Claire would still be the same.

Being history buffs, they can't help but dig into their own pasts, and soon uncover the three years when Claire disappeared from Frank's side, and her return conveniently six months before Brianna was born.

The show's core will always be Jamie and Claire, but it's going to be fun to see Brianna and Roger's relationship grow. They're like Jamie and Claire part two.

"Dragonfly in Amber" insists that we must learn the truth about our heritage - on a personal and national level - even if it contradicts the rosy stories we tell ourselves about where we came from.

Here's what we do know: Jamie and Claire have another child.


What will Brianna and Roger be like?