Pokemon Go: Still can't catch 'em all (in the UK)


Despite being launched just a few days ago in Japan, Australia, US and New Zealand, Pokemon Go has become so popular that players have already crashed its servers. One thing that has been missing from the game is any form of multiplayer, but it looks like that might change, depending on fan opinion.

The company hasn't yet seen the infected game in the wild, but it shows that hackers are already hard at work targeting it. Proofpoint discovered the software in a malicious online file repository. However, while Niantic focuses on those repairs, the game's release in other regions like the United Kingdom and the Netherlands has been "paused until we're comfortable", according to Hanke.

Speaking to Business Insider the boss of the company that helped make game says the release has been "paused". And when that time comes, we take to the internet and fight. In case you didn't know, the app uses the smartphone's camera and sensors to place Pokémon into the real world.

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Pokemon Go allows players to catch Bulbasaur, Charmeleon or even Pikachu in their back gardens.

That method of getting hold of the game early has not been publically endorsed by creators Niantic and Nintendo. Soon after Hanke's statement, an official Twitter account of Pokemon GO also confirmed it saying that the popular game will roll out in new countries soon.