Harrison Barnes verbally agrees to exorbitant contract with Mavericks — NBA free agency


Barnes has lacked consistency but will bring a 3-point threat similar to that of Parsons.

So far, there's not a lot of evidence that Barnes is capable of that. He is capable of creating his own shot, and can score in the low-post at times.

However, the Mavs believe what happened with Barnes in the Finals was an aberration.

The former GSW players will start playing alongside power forward Dirk Nowitzki, who reportedly signed up for another two years with the Mavericks for $40 million. Jennings went two picks later to Milwaukee, and he hurt the Knicks with a series of strong performances when he played against them.

They failed in their pursuits of Mike Conley, Hassan Whiteside, Nicolas Batum and other notable free agents before eventually making their first few moves by agreeing to deals with Deron Williams and Dwight Powell.

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A franchise with 17 National Basketball Association championships may have gotten closer to contending for an 18th on Saturday, when Horford chose to accept a four-year, $113 million offer to join the Boston Celtics. His 70 regular season games played was the most for him since 2007-08. However, the moves with Bogut and Barnes could be enough to lure the veteran star back to the Mavs. The three point shooting is almost identical, and Beal is considered a marksman from behind the arc.

Barnes also had a less-than-stellar Finals performance.

In a vacuum, it's pretty clear that he is not a max-caliber player, something that might matter more to Dallas than to Golden State.

But I think if most people really think about it, they'd realize they're more upset that it came to this than they are about anything that's likely to happen with Harrison Barnes. Barnes, for his part, should be a very interesting addition to a Dallas team that no longer will have Chandler Parsons.