Campaigners Stage Protest On Corbyn's Roof

Campaigners Stage Protest On Corbyn's Roof

The controversy surrounding alleged anti-Semitism among a minority in the Labour Party surfaced during the debate and saw both contenders heckled loudly during their respective answers on how to tackle the issue.

Despite directing stinging criticism at firms who avoid paying tax, official documents showed the party reduced their corporation tax bill to nothing by offsetting tax losses and other expenses.

"We are fighting like ferrets in a sack, and it's the Tories who will benefit if we aren't united. We could all be living richer lives in a sustainable, more prosperous and more caring society".

He said that he had gone to see the leader ahead of the no confidence vote in the hope of finding a solution to the problem.

Mr Corbyn spoke of his "very strong mandate" from members and said the party had defeated the Tories "many times" in Parliament and had achieved several by-election successes since he became leader.

He later told Sky News: "We shouldn't be going into a leadership election saying "vote for me or some of my supporters will split the party". So I strongly advise against people talking about splits or against our party being divided after the election".

A crowd-funded group of party members are challenging the decision of Labour's ruling National Executive Committee to ban £3 supporters from voting if they did not join by 12 January unless they pay a further £25.

'I tried to speak to him in March and he was really rude, and I asked him why he blocked shared parenting, and he didn't want to speak about it.

Martin Mathews (left) and Bobby Smith on the roof of Jeremy Corbyn's home.

Iran hangs nuclear scientist on espionage charges
Amiri's case indirectly found its way back into the spotlight in the U.S. previous year with the release of emails sent by U.S. According to BBC News, Amiri's family was given the body, which had rope marks on the neck indicating Amiri had been hanged.

Ichiro Smacks a Triple for His 3000th MLB Hit
Suzuki was also the third player to reach 3,000 at age 42 or older, and he has the respect of virtually everyone in baseball. Suzuki reached third base while standing up and stood there nonchalantly as though it was just another routine hit.

Why Obama thinks he can peel Republicans off Trump
Daniel Tokaji, a professor at the Moritz College of Law, Ohio State University, said he's "not quite sure exactly what Mr. Democrats expected to ride high after their national convention - but they didn't imagine it would feel this good.

Mr Corbyn blamed the challenge to his leadership for Labour's poor performance in opinion polls which show the party languishing behind the Tories, but insisted the slump was temporary.

"Some are shouting at Owen Smith, saying he should withdraw, there have been cheers, there have been boos".

A source close to Corbyn responded to the comments by attacking him as the "disunity candidate".

Broadband for business that is better than Bulgaria and Romania sounds like a flawless idea as everyone in the old Eastern Bloc has full FTTP, but a look at the EU Digital Market site suggests that Romania is aiming for 80% coverage at 30 Mbps or faster for 2020 (the FTTP coverage level at 58% is clearly many times higher than the United Kingdom, but there is a lot smaller DOCSIS footprint).

While Mr Corbyn insisted he had campaigned to stay in the European Union, he refused to back his challenger's calls for a second referendum on any Brexit deal.

"The assembly election results, we gained some seats as well as losing one", he said.

They vowed to stay for the rest of the day adding, "We're willing to do anything for our children".

Mr McDonnell and Mr Smith have butted heads in the past.