Pretty Little Liars 7×07 Original G'A'ngsters video preview

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The DiLaurentises will have a little reunion in the seventh episode of "Pretty Little Liars" season 7. Spencer surprises all of her friends with matching friendship necklaces. As they were getting ready to leave, Spencer's vehicle alarm went off, so the girls jumped in to close the doors and silence it.

Jenna is in tears as the police question her about Sara's death.

Later, Aria and Jason met for coffee because Rosewood's drama only goes down in one of three places: the brew, the bar or the woods. Aria did cheat on Liam with Ezra, so it's not like that's out of the realm of possibility for her. Jason says that he hasn't and the should keep it their secret. Spencer decides that the girls have to steal Jenna's laptop to look at the file, and the others agree. While they're there, Noel walks in. Noah makes a phone call. Toby denies this and tells Spencer that Jenna is in Rosewood because she is looking for forgiveness. He hangs up and leaves. Spencer begs Toby to take Yvonne and leave Rosewood for their own safety. The upcoming segment is titled "Exes and OMGs" and it will see the return of two familiar faces to Rosewood.

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"Jason returns to town to stop Ali from getting too close to Mary". Jason screamed that he thought Mary was trying to manipulate Ali into seeing her as a mother. It turns out that Mary Drake was inside. She then hid in Aunt Carol's storm cellar until Mary left. Emily convinced her to go, saying that the rest of the crew could hold down the fort, and by "the fort" we mean hiding a murder while simultaneously trying to figure out if the man you murdered is dead. The hashtag #EvilTwin appears on screen during this scene.

At Aunt Carol's house, Ali, Hanna, Emily and Spencer go into the root cellar to investigate. She tells Emily that Ezra wants to elope tomorrow but she is unsure whether or not she should. "It's just weird being so close to someone and then having to cut them out of your life completely", she said. Aria was the first person he called for help to convince Alison that Mary is shady, as opposed to someone like Spencer, who is at least family (and is the most capable of the girls, let's be real).

While Caleb tries to recover the missing file, Caleb and Hanna have a talk. Hanna fills in Spencer on finding a locked box in Sara's room and tells Spencer that she hasn't told Caleb about her breakup with Jordan yet. More on him later, we're sure. So the liars headed there the next night to see if they could find anything.