Tonia Couch and Lois Toulson not bothered by Rio 2016 green pool

Couch and Toulson dive into murkey waters while finishing fifth in the synchronised 10m platform Michael Dalder  Reuters

"She's insane and for a 16-year-old diver to do what she did today, people better watch out".

Thrust together as a pair and expected to turn themselves into Olympic contenders inside nine months, it was an initially daunting task for Couch, but the former pupil at Plymouth's John Kitto Community College said there has been rapid improvement.

Toulson is just 16 and has found herself suddenly thrust into the limelight after Couch's long-time partner, Sarah Barrow, suffered an injury a year ago. I definitely got a lot of experience. "She will be one of the best divers in the world".

"I'd dived with Sarah for such a long time and I thought there was no way it was going to work but then we just clicked and everything came together".

The pair, who missed out on a medal after an error in their final dive and finished fifth, admitted they could not see each other under the water.

"We are so shocked", she said.

The water in the Olympic diving pool has turned a bright green, baffling at least one diver who said she couldn't see her partner underwater and sparking questions about what went wrong.

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At the recent European Championships in London, the pair were leading heading into the final round.

She wants to do the same in Rio. "I don't know if I'm going in to win it, but I'm going into it to beat my score [from Kazan] because you never know where that will put you", Couch said. "I'm glad I hurt myself that day".

Couch calls herself "the mum" of the British team, though she's only 27. I was like 'Lois, where are you?'"

"We can't do anything about it, so just concentrate on what you're doing."

She had previously teamed up with Couch for the 10m synchronised dive at the World Series this year and the duo are ranked third in the world in the event by the International Swimming Federation, known as FINA.

The colour of the pool overshadowed the women's 10 metre platform final, with many making comments on social media.

Women's ten metres platform individual: Preliminaries: August 17 (7pm).