India has huge potential for cloud services: Yu Sicheng, VP, Alibaba

Lazada's warehouse in Jakarta Alibaba in April paid $1 billion for a controlling stake in the Singapore-based e-commerce startup

This new program allows global technology partners to enter China market through Alibaba Cloud's initiatives.

By leveraging Alibaba Cloud's leading cloud computing expertise, AliLaunch assists technology partners overcoming common obstacles that global companies have when expanding into China including scalability and technology compatibility.

Aside from giving foreign firms access to the Chinese market, it would also enable Alibaba to expand its offering with other products that it does not have, at the same time hosting it on its cloud.

"The AliLaunch programme and Global Technology Partners Marketplace serve as the flawless platforms for making different software products accessible to businesses and organizations in China". The design is inspired by the language of programming and represents the dream of Alibaba Cloud expanding its services from China into worldwide markets. Alibaba has already partnered with SAP, Check Point Software Technologies, Hitachi Data Systems, to name a few from Europe, Thailand, Japan, and US. While the cloud division contributed just 4.7 percent of revenue in the March quarter, it's Alibaba's fastest-growing business and a primary driver of growth over the longer term. Sicheng Yu said this does not threaten to cannibalize Alibaba Cloud's own business.

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The e-commerce company-cum-cloud provider is offering to help foreign firms sell their products in China while complying with local regulations, Bloomberg reported.

Called AliLaunch, the platform provides a channel to sell and deploy software and services in China through Alibaba Cloud, which has more than 1.4 million PRC customers and is the country's largest provider of public cloud services. The technology partners cover a mix of software products in different categories, including operating systems, network infrastructure, security, databases and streaming media.

The platform brings together SaaS developers and various business partners on a single platform.

AliCloud, which Morgan Stanley valued at US$39 billion in June, also announced a partnership with Taiwan's HTC Corp to develop virtual reality solutions. "The new logo truly embodies our vision of building a better world together with innovative technologies while safeguarding the values of each of our customers", said Simon HU, President of Alibaba Cloud. Cloud computing can improve efficiency and lower operational costs, the company said.