Unison backs Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leadership


A spokesperson for the Jeremy for Labour campaign hit back: "These kind of smears only show how little Owen Smith has to offer".

"Jeremy has been 10/10 when it comes to leaving Europe".

Corbyn says we must have a foreign policy "based on human rights, global law, so we become known as a force that is determined to make sure the universal declaration is enforced in all places".

Cllr Crooks said he believed the Labour party had a viable future across Britain, and in Scotland for voters "crying out" for an alternative to the SNP.

Before the vote, however, comments from the floor caused angry shouting, with one audience member alleging that "it is very hard in this country to get elected without the support of [media tycoon] Rupert Murdoch and the Israeli ambassador".

The GMB union represents workers on the UK's Trident nuclear weapons programme. It's time for us to face up to reality.

Mr Smith opened the debate saying: "My flagship policy would be reinvestment in this country, I think we have for many years now seen many areas fall behind".

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Meanwhile, Mr Smith has stressed "of course it's possible" that he could still win the contest, but he called for the timetable of the election to be changed. But I would serve this party on the backbenches loyally. "I won't do what Jeremy Corbyn did which is vote against this party, my party, 500 times".

"Most important to me is that everyone has good health and security, health and housing", Mr Corbyn said. "I want a Labour leader who will reach out to every part of Britain and can do what Labour has done in the past, which is out of this crisis, make a progressive moment". William Hill even went so far as to give Corbyn winning odds of 1/20 after one customer recently put a £60,000 ($78,000) bet on the current Labour leader. I've asked him to let me attend and speak to the great masses he's drawing from the Momentum movement.

Corbyn's refusal to step down prompted the leadership contest, which he on Thursday suggested was to blame for Labour's dire performance in polls by YouGov.

Tens of thousands of new members of the Labour Party are set to find out today whether they have won the latest round of a legal battle for the right to vote in the forthcoming leadership election.

Steve Akehurst, a Labour Party member who was at the meeting, tweeted at that point, saying: "Meeting now dissolving into an open argument about whether randomly blaming Jews for things is antisemitic".

The result will be announced at a Conference on September 23 in Liverpool.

Smith launched a challenge for the leadership after Corbyn lost a vote of no confidence from Labour MPs and a string of frontbenchers resigned amid fears over his electability.