Clinton To Voters Worried About Trade: Trump Is Not The Answer


And her campaign argues that Clinton supporters should give all the money they can and should make sure to turn out at the polls in order to prevent Trump's election.

"Donald Trump represents practically everything I was taught not to be, and taught our daughter not to be", Shays, who represented the Fourth District from 1987 to 2009, said in remarks released by Clinton's campaign.

Asked in a television interview in May what tax rate he pays, Trump replied "It's none of your business".

He brushed off conservative radio commentator Hugh Hewitt's attempt to reframe Trump's observation as one that said Obama's foreign policy created the conditions in Iraq and Syria that allowed IS to thrive. Moran is a bus driver in Livingston County, and he took the day off work to oppose Trump publicly.

Trump's own speech on the economy, which he delivered in MI on Monday, was met with positive reviews from his supporters.

The second part is challenging his business record. Instead, she'll use her platform at a manufacturing company in Warren, Michigan, to undercut Trump's approach.

"It's true that too often past trade deals have been sold to the American people with rosy scenarios that didn't pan out", Clinton said. "There are companies that were left hanging but paid their workers anyway - putting businesses they'd worked a lifetime to build at risk".

"Let's call it the 'Trump Loophole, '" Clinton told voters here Thursday. Clinton offered no new proposals of her own but sought to cast doubt on the image Trump promotes of himself as the voice for working people. In contrast, the Tax Policy Center, a joint effort of the Urban Institute and the Brookings Institution, found that it would raise $1.1 trillion over the same time frame.

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Donald Trump Triple Downs on Claim Obama is the "Founder of ISIS"
The next day, the business mogul doubled down on his accusation during an interview with radio host Hugh Hewitt. At a rally in Florida on Wednesday night, Trump repeatedly told the crowd, "Obama is the founder of ISIS".

He said Thursday morning on CNBC, for example, that he'd more than double the $275 billion Clinton proposes to spend on infrastructure projects over five years and do so by increasing government debt. "This is the time to borrow", he said.

Just hours before her address, Trump unleashed another round of attacks on President Barack Obama, calling him the "founder" of the Islamic State militant group - and Clinton, its co-founder. USA spending is projected to fall about $1.4 trillion short of the $3.3 trillion needed through 2025 for airports, highways and other infrastructure, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers.

But some nervous progressives, who still don't fully trust Clinton, say the real test of her commitment will come in whom she appoints to her administration if she wins, starting with her transition team.

Clinton's campaign has launched a group called "Together for America".

Democrats believe Trump's returns could be a trove of politically damaging information. He wants to fix them by placing hefty fines - known as tariffs - on goods coming into the USA from foreign countries that don't play fair. While Clinton hasn't gone as far with an anti-globalization tilt, she's switched to criticism of the Obama administration's centerpiece trade initiative, the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Trump has suggested that Clinton would soften her position on the accord if she's elected. Her push for better science and technology education and broadband deployment are plans that the Software and Information Industry Association "strongly supports", the trade group said.

"All of these problems will be less severe if Trump loses and loses badly in the presidential elections", said Smith.

The speech focused on contrasting her economic policies with those of her Republican opponent, Donald Trump, including his take on global trade.