Darth Vader Rises In 'Rogue One

Alan Tudyk's K-2SO In 'Rogue One' Will Redefine The Role Of Droids In Star Wars

After multiple suspenseful teaser trailers, fans have been eager for a more narrative hint at the new Disney and Lucas film's plot and characters.

A new video has been uploaded on the YouTube account of "Star Wars" and it's shown to be fifteen seconds long. Are you with me?"-right before we get a glimpse at the main attraction: the back of our favorite villain's shiny black helmet".

Disney just dropped the new trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and we're probably going to watch it on loop at least another 17 times.

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And as they take on TIE Fighters and one of the new AT-ACT's, it looks like one hell of a mission.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hits United Kingdom and USA cinemas on 16 December, although some nations, including France and the Netherlands, get it a couple of days earlier, the lucky beggers. There are rumors that in the footage that was revealed, Darth Vader was part of it. Anyone who follows Star Wars mythology knows that the filmmakers like to switch things up, so there could be a storyline we're not even thinking about. Rogue One director Garerth Edwards did confirm, nearly in passing, that James Earl Jones, the real Darth Vader, had recorded some lines for a character but played hard to get when it came down to which character. And get a hold of what he's looking at: Death Star plans. Jimmy Smits also recently let it slip that he'll have a small cameo as Bail Organa in the movie. The trailer for the latest DC disaster seemed fantastic, and then the movie came along and we realized that it was nothing more than a limp, tonally incongruent mess.