Trump Tower Climber Being Evaluated

Trump Tower Climber Being Evaluated

Some dumb-ass chose to climb up Trump Tower in NY, using suction cups before being yanked in by police officers ... what a dick.

He ended the video by showing support toward Trump's presidential campaign. Much of the event was broadcast live on Facebook.

A 20-year-old Donald Trump supporter who scaled the Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan on Wednesday for three hours using suction cups and a climbing harness was pulled inside through a window by police who had tried to coax him into the building throughout the escapade.

But that didn't deter solo climber Stephen Rogata from attempting to scale Trump Towers in New York City yesterday using climbing gear and what appeared to be suction cups.

However, a video posted online purporting to be the climber claims he simply wanted to get Trump's attention to discuss an "important matter".

Many people on social media are questioning if the climb is in protest against Trump and his presidential campaign.

Hours after the incident, Trump thanked the NYPD for saving the climber.

Rogata started scaling the tower about 3:40 p.m., nearly immediately summoning the NYPD and their emergency services unit, officials said.

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"I reached out and I took hold of his hand and said, 'Sir, you have to come with me, '" said NYPD Officer Christopher Williams, one of the rescuers. A piece of glass taken out by police also almost fell on him.

Teams threw down a rope for him to climb up, before opening a ventilation grate above him to allow him to climb inside.

"Believe me, if my objective was not significant, I would not risk my life pursuing it", Steve said in his video. Though detectives determined pretty quickly he was truly a threat to only himself, and of course the officers, who had to rescue him off the building. "At no time did he express that he wanted to hurt anybody", he added.

"This man performed a ridiculous and risky stunt", Michael Cohen, an executive at the Trump Organization, said in an emailed statement.

A Trump Organization representative didn't respond to a request for additional information about building security in the wake of Rogata's climb.

"I'm 100 percent certain the NYPD had better things to do", he said.

Terraces and other parts of the building are open to the public during the day.