TFL Is Testing Out New Badges For Disabled Passengers On The Tube

TFL Is Testing Out New Badges For Disabled Passengers On The Tube

"I want Londoners to embrace our new trial and help these blue badges become as instantly-recognisable, giving confidence to those wearing them on public transport across London".

While "Baby on board" badges are used by thousands of people on the London transport network, an equivalent for people with hidden disabilities, conditions and illnesses has been missing.

For now, TFL is recruiting 1,000 people for a month-long trial.

London Mayor and general good-bloke, Sadiq Khan, has said that "the new steps map will encourage more of us to walk these short journeys instead - it's good for our health and it will help support London's small businesses".

Some travellers, such as James McNaught who is joining the trial, had already started making their own badges to alert fellow passengers to their condition.

TFL have just said they are launching a card and badge allocation to people who suffer from a range of issues, that hamper their daily commute.

TFL Is Testing Out New Badges For Disabled Passengers On The Tube
TFL Is Testing Out New Badges For Disabled Passengers On The Tube

"I hope that Londoners help make the trial a success and offer their seat to someone with one of the badges or cards who may be in need". Which is lovely, really, as many people with invisible illnesses feel like they have to justify their need for certain things to strangers (which can feel incredibly uncomfortable).

"I'm really pleased TfL is doing this trial", he said.

The first trial of its kind in Europe will see passengers with hidden disabilities being handed "please offer me a seat" badges on London Underground trains, Transport for London announced Tuesday.

NEW "baby on board" style badges will be given to passengers with disabilities or hidden conditions in the hope of encouraging others to give up their seats.

"We have received correspondence from many customers asking for a product like this, telling us they often struggle to get a seat, or when they do, customers make them feel uncomfortable", read a TfL statement sent to Mashable.

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