Upstate pastor apologizes about Hillary Clinton black face tweet


"I really am a unifier".

"It was never my intention to hurt anyone or offend anyone, but the message is very clear. Obviously, my message, I stand by it, but the methodology, I do not".

"The goal of the message was to, which is what I'm standing behind, is to show America it was a depiction or illustration of how Hillary Clinton panders after the African-American vote", said Pastor Burns.

Tuesday morning Burns apologized again via Twitter.

"Black Americans, THANK YOU FOR YOUR VOTES and letting me use you again".

"I'm going to apologize for the offensive picture that many thought was offensive, but I'm not apologizing for the message that it was carrying", Burns said. "For me, the blackface wasn't the focal point of the picture". It was showing how Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party panders after the black vote.

The tweet emerged at a time when Trump has been trying to broaden his appeal to African-American voters by saying he wants to create more jobs and make black neighborhoods safe so people can walk down the street without getting shot.

The cartoon at the center of the controversy features Clinton holding an anti-police sign - a criticism of her stance on the spate of African-Americans' deaths that have involved police force. She made mention of it during an interview with a predominantly black radio station during the NY primary, likening it to the Beyonce lyric "hot sauce in my bag, swag" - after which she was also criticized for pandering to black voters. It's a reference to Clinton - a well-known spicy food lover - saying on the hip-hop show "The Breakfast Club" in April, ahead of the NY primary, that she always carries hot sauce with her.

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"I ain't no ways exhausted of pandering to African Americans", the text next to Clinton reads, emphasizing the word "pandering".

Clinton's campaign didn't immediately respond to CNN's request for a comment.

After initially defending the tweet and the cartoon as "satire", Burns ended up deleting it and "apologizing" for offending anyone who might have been offended.

Burns - a frequent warm-up act for Trump - at first said he did no wrong. "She does pander and the policies are not good for African-Americans".

"It's not racist to be proud to be an American", Burns told a rally in Jackson, Mississippi. "I want to apologize because the last thing I want to do is to anger people". I'm a completely separate individual. Hillary Clinton has landed on very personal argument against Donald Trump's checkered business past: her dad. "I am Mark Burns", he said.

That did not stop Duke, who is running a minor party campaign for Senate in Louisiana, from issuing a robocall to voters there, urging them to "stand up and vote for Donald Trump for president and vote for me, David Duke, for the U.S. Senate".

She's also had major support from key African-American politicians.