Unorganized storm predicted to enter Gulf, but its path is uncertain

Unorganized storm predicted to enter Gulf, but its path is uncertain

Projections show there is now a 60 percent chance it will develop into a bigger system, and over the next five days, that chance increases to 80 percent.

By early next week some slow development will be possible as it enters the eastern Gulf but intensification into a significant storm is unlikely.

Invest 99L is moving west through the Straits of Florida, according to the latest update from the National Hurricane Center.

Interests elsewhere in Florida and the eastern Gulf of Mexico should continue to monitor the progress of this disturbance. "The latest run of the HWRF model, a reliable computer model for forecast intensity, suggests that 99-L could reach major hurricane status by midweek".

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The heaviest storms could bring damaging wind gusts, power cuts and rough seas, as well as the potential for a couple of tornadoes. There still remains a question of how far west into the Gulf the system could track though. And 99-L just is not developed enough yet. The spaghetti plots show it could go anywhere in the northern Gulf - from the central Texas coast to south Florida. However, at this time, the WLOX Weather Team is not expecting any direct tropical impacts as our seven-day forecast shows partly cloudy skies on Wednesday through Friday. We will keep an eye on it, but it is not likely to amount to much for our area, besides the subtle changes in the day-to-day weather mentioned above.

Since it appeared in the Atlantic Ocean, it's been the topic of daily discussions as to when it will developing into a tropical system.

All of this just becomes a good time to review our preparedness in making sure we have our hurricane emergency supplies: canned foods, a manual can opener, bottled water and a recommended one gallon of water per person per day for at least three days, in addition to flash lights with extra batteries, our medicines, our vehicle filled up with gas and other supplies, in case power is interrupted from an approaching storm.