Hillary Clinton Plans to Strengthen European Allies Against Russia


Donald Trump on Tuesday advocated strengthening ties with Russian Federation while making the case that Hillary Clinton wouldn't be capable of negotiating with the country's leader.

"They know they can count on me to be the kind of commander in chief who will protect our country and our troops, and they know they cannot count on Donald Trump", Clinton said en route to Florida.

Over at the Washington Post, an unconventional 50-state survey done in conjunction with the online polling platform SurveyMonkey shows Clinton with a large electoral college advantage.

But he made clear he was knowledgeable about the scenario, explaining that the House would have to pick from the candidates who've received electoral votes, with each state delegation casting one vote.

And while the polls predict that Johnson and Stein would hurt Clinton more than Trump, it is not necessarily obvious to the average voter that they would.

"Thank you! #AmericaFirst", Trump tweeted with the new CNN poll results.

Both candidates will spend much of the remaining 9 weeks of the campaign in key battleground states that are expected to decide the election.

The Republican nominee also took frequent shots at Clinton, hitting the former secretary of State on issues ranging from ongoing problems in Libya to her handling of private emails.

"We are going to have to take those threats and attacks seriously", Clinton told reporters traveling with her from OH to IL.

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Asked how she would stop such attacks, Clinton said the dark hints about her health were part of a long line of conservative innuendo. Trump has been criticized for not yet releasing his tax return. Tim Kaine sought Tuesday to dismantle Donald Trump's national security credentials, slamming the GOP nominee for a "bizarre fascination" with strongmen and highlighting his shifting positions on the Iraq War.

On honesty, Clinton's backers express greater skepticism about their candidate than do Trump's supporters.

"She's a disaster in so many different ways, folks", he said. And my advice to her - the best way to remedy it - is to talk about what you care about and talk about it with some passion.

Clinton on Monday attributed the coughing to "seasonal allergies" and said Tuesday that she is doing better.

The letter, signed by 88 retired generals and admirals, cited an urgent need for a "course correction" in national security. She responded, "I think we're up to 89, but who's counting?"

"This is a very consequential relationship", Clinton said of Washington's ties with Beijing. "There is nothing you can do about them".

Trump also comes out ahead in voter enthusiasm.

"Once you get someone down, you keep your foot on their throat", Buckhorn told AFP. She made frequent trips to the attack site and her staff has highlighted her efforts to help secure medical benefits for first responders sickened at ground zero.