Hillary Clinton slams Donald Trump for commenting on Federal Reserve policies

Hillary Clinton slams Donald Trump for commenting on Federal Reserve policies

This is a person that's got to lead the free world.

Was Trump a supporter of the Iraq War?

On issues, Trump is seen as the strongest candidate to manage the economy and handle terrorism, while Clinton wins on foreign policy and has an edge on immigration.

Clinton criticized the NY real estate magnate for the comments.

The conflicting messages come as the candidates prepare to court voters in Southern states with significant veteran populations.

The back-and-forth occurred as the focus of the US battle for the White House shifted to national security, with both Clinton and Trump set to participate in a televised forum on Wednesday hosted by a veteran's group.

Trump will be in Virginia today, while Clinton heads to Florida. Trump's afternoon event in Virginia Beach will focus on national security, and he's expected to meet with parents of soldiers later in the day.

"We've never had the nominee of one of our major parties urging the Russians to hack", Clinton said in a news conference.

Also Tuesday, Trump - the master showman turned presidential candidate - has added yet another critique to his list of reasons he believes that Clinton should not be president: She simply does not look the part.

French submarine maker hit by massive data leak
The Navy, in its early response, said the leak was from outside India while downplaying the operational impact of the leak. He also asked the government to take action in the matter on a war-footing.

US has moral obligation to Laos, says President Barack Obama
He has previously used the epithet against Pope Francis , although he later apologized, and the US ambassador to the Philippines. It's unusual for one president to tell another what to say or not say, and much rarer to call the other a "son of a bitch".

Israeli military launches strikes against Hamas targets in Gaza
Yet, to date, attempts to estimate the economic cost of occupation remain partial and ad hoc. The Israeli army said it had targeted two positions.

Clinton has gotten help from the Republicans in questioning Trump's capacity to serve as commander in chief.

Separately, Trump continued to face questions about his immigration policy a day after refusing to rule out a pathway to legal status for immigrants in the country illegally. Trump, meanwhile, addressed his proposed border wall plan in an interview with ABC's Good Morning America.

PAUL ADDS: Except as it may apply to candidates for office, I don't understand the argument that conservatives should not support Trump because he is destined to go down to a crushing defeat. "And she didn't have the energy to go to Mexico". "She had nothing to say".

Reporters who have covered Clinton for months witnessed something similar when she launched her campaign in 2015 - after four years of serving as secretary of state and then taking some time off, it took Clinton a bit to find her footing interacting with press and voters on the campaign trail.

Clinton, in the national eye for three decades, shrugged off the intense nature of the Republican attacks against her, including a call for a fresh congressional investigation of the Clinton Foundation following reports that donors gained inappropriate access to her while she was secretary of state.

Clinton expressed "grave" concern about reports that Russian Federation has been interfering in the USA electoral process through invasive cyberattacks on the Democratic Party and an apparent attack on voter registration systems in Arizona.

The poll suggests that the post-convention bounces have subsided and that Trump has weathered a hard August, in which he shuffled staff members, insulted a Gold Star family and confused voters about his immigration policy. Because just look at her decisions. On Monday, she spoke to reporters on her new campaign plane - answering questions about her email scandal for the first time in months. Trump said it was a sign of disrespect and he would have left immediately if he had been president.

Clinton dismissed concerns about her health as one of many conspiracy theories that were lobbed against her.

"They know they can count on me to be the kind of commander in chief who will protect our country and our troops, and they know they cannot count on Donald Trump", Clinton said en route to Florida.