May considers 'get a job first' scheme for European Union migrants

May considers 'get a job first' scheme for European Union migrants

May "said many times in the past, a points-based system [for immigration] will not work and is not an option", her spokesperson said.

"As the prime minister has made clear, there will be no attempt to stay in the European Union by the back door", Davis said, ruling out any suggestion there will be a second referendum to undo the first, which "Leavers" won by nearly 52%.

What access Britain will have to the EU's single market has emerged as the key dividing line between advocates of a "hard" or "soft" Brexit.

'The Prime Minister wants to have the work underway, she recognises that people have differing views, that's why we need to do the work that there is and all of this is going to have to be negotiated with our European partners, but we should go after the best deal we can.'

Britain's new government, under Prime Minister Theresa May, has so far given little detail of what the country wants when it leaves the European Union, saying it was focusing on preparing its negotiating stance for when it triggers the divorce procedure. Arguing that he would seek to find a position that would be acceptable to Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales as well as to English councils and small and large businesses, Davis said he was seeking a "unique to Britain and not an off-the-shelf solution.

We can create an immigration system that allows us to control numbers and encourage the brightest and the best to come to this country", he said.

May said the system proposed by Johnson, who campaigned hard to leave the European Union, was no "silver bullet".

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Mrs May made clear the United Kingdom will be "ambitious" in negotiations, said the spokeswoman, adding: "This is a negotiation". "A points-based system does not give you that control", she said during a speech at the G20 Summit in China...[it] means people come in automatically if they just meet the criteria", Mrs.

Confusion has broken out over the government's stance on Single Market membership after Downing Street refused to back the Brexit minister's views on Europe.

Meanwhile, at his final G-20 summit, Obama expressed hope that worldwide business relations don't "unravel" because of Brexit as he again poured water on any hope of an imminent trade deal with the US.

Davis said the government's focus was on getting it right. "The UK government must urgently bring forward a clear and concise plan on what 'Brexit means Brexit" actually means".

It comes after Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull called for a trade deal to be set up as a matter of urgency.

Its agenda will also include "trade policy issues of mutual interest" such as World Trade Organisation processes and potential new trade blocs including other countries.

The secretary of state for exiting the European Union has been accused of appearing before parliament without any details of how the government is planning to embark on Brexit negotiations.