Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Questioned on National Security


The event was supposedly created to explore the candidates' potential in the role of commander-in-chief, and Lauer apparently felt compelled to demonstrate his hard-news chops by badgering Democrat Hillary Clinton about her personal email server while allowing Republican Donald J. Trump not only to lie about his support for the Iraq war, but to make key assertions, left unchallenged, that legitimately raise questions about his allegiance to his own country and its warfighters. Lauer prodded a bit, asking how we were going to take the oil. We have the greatest people in the world in our military. "But it is very sadly depleted". In one state, that number is 50 percent.

Trump's strength in the forum was his description of the Iraq war as a disaster that has destabilised the Middle East and one that should have never been fought. After the USA pulled out of Iraq and began drawing down in Afghanistan, a decision was made to reduce ranks to 490,000 over 10 years as Congress cut the defense budget by about half a trillion dollars.

She says extremists "are saying, 'Please Allah, make Trump president of America'".

TRUMP: "I happen to hear Hillary Clinton say that I was not against the war in Iraq".

In an interview that only briefly touched on the subject, Howard Stern asked Trump "Are you for invading Iraq?"

The televised "Commander-in-Chief" forum on Wednesday, attended by military veterans, was the first time Trump and Clinton had squared off on the same stage since accepting their parties' White House nominations in July, although they did not appear at the same time. "We have to squeeze them by continuing to support - the Iraqi military. Right now, the court system practically doesn't exist". The individual branches of the military have their own police and investigative and prosecution services, and they enforce a set of laws known as the Uniform Code of Military Justice. The Republican nominee also defended comments he's made in the past about Russian President Vladimir Putin and a 2013 comment on sexual assault in the military (which he told Lauer was "a correct tweet"). "I took it very seriously", Clinton rebutted.

Trump did not directly respond to Clinton's critique Thursday.

"Republicans are just in a bad dilemma trying to support a totally unqualified nominee, I have no sympathy for them, it's their nominee", she said.

Arrest warrants issued for 2 on Green Party presidential ticket
An arrest warrant has been issued for Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein . Stein was charged in Wood County for criminal trespassing.

'King of Ska' sixties music legend Prince Buster dies at 78
He later added: " Prince Buster wasn't just a Ska pioneer he also produced one of Jamaica's first ever Dub albums "The Message". Prince Buster , a pioneer of ska who influenced bands such as Madness and The Specials, has died at the age of 78.

Barack Obama: Donald Trump Unqualified to be President
Century Policing Briefing event at the Executive Office Building in Washington, U.S., July 22, 2016. Time agreed, citing "plenty of unilluminating blather spewed by both candidates".

"Comey said at least three emails included "(C)" markings showing that information within them was considered confidential classified information. Clinton told Federal Bureau of Investigation agents that she did not know what those markings meant, according to notes the Federal Bureau of Investigation released September 2.

In Florida, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both have 47% support, a Quinnipiac University poll showed.

Clinton was on the defensive at last night's NBC News town hall arranged by the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America and held on the Intrepid, a decommissioned aircraft carrier on the Hudson River in NY.

It's true that the US has lost almost 7 million factory jobs since manufacturing employment peaked in 1979.

"And it just seems to me that what they said President Obama and Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, who is another total disaster, did exactly the opposite".

"I wish the first time it was done correctly", he added, referring to the Gulf War.

THE FACTS: Far from "the first time in history", it is routine for presidents to be greeted by a protocol chief or other low-level government official when arriving for foreign visits. Airport arrivals aren't seen as a big deal, and it's not expected that top leaders of the arrival country will be there.

On Thursday, Esquire added an editor's note to the article, rebuffing Trumps claims.