Libertarian VP hopeful Weld to address students in Boston


Of all the presidential race coverage I've heard on NPR, I don't believe I've heard Gary Johnson's name mentioned once.

Last spring Romney made a last-ditch effort to save the Republican establishment by aiding the campaign of every candidate who was not Donald Trump. This is a candidate that is polling (in antiquated polling systems) at over 10 percent and who will be on the ballot in all 50 states. On Election Day, Perot won almost 19 percent of the vote, the best showing by an alternative candidate since ex-President Theodore Roosevelt ran on the Bull Moose ticket in 1912.

Fair-goers at the Iowa State Fair who cast their kernel at the WHO-HD stand practically begged for a third-party candidate to vote for.

That attention has also generated more interest in the Libertarian Party, and Libertarian voter registration has skyrocketed, "relatively", Johnson says.

There are numerous reasons to back Mr. Johnson (and to not support Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump), the overriding argument is he tells the truth, a necessary presidential quality which eludes the two major party candidates. The presidential debate commission requires a candidate to reach an average of 15 percent in the polls it has selected. A lawsuit filed by Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein against the Commission on Presidential Debates was dismissed by a judge last month, leaving the third-party candidates scrambling to boost their support ahead of the first debate on September 26. Bernie Sanders' near-derailment of Clinton's political locomotive. In New Mexico, where he served two terms as governor, Johnson polls at 25 percent. To be invited, they must be supported by 15 percent of voters in five national polls: ABC-Washington Post, CBS-New York Times, CNN-Opinion Research Corporation, Fox News, and NBC-Wall Street Journal. We can create a viable third party that better represents the majority of Americans.

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You've made it clear you think both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would be awful presidents for the country.

Johnson supports abortion rights and marijuana legalization, advocates for a non-interventionist foreign policy and is opposed to religious freedom laws, believing them to be bigoted against gay Americans. For the sake of the American people, Democrats, Republicans, and independents should all hope that Johnson's ad blitz succeeds. Of those changing their preference, Johnson was the clear favorite by almost 3-in-10, followed by Trump, those becoming undecided, Clinton, and finally the Green Party's Jill Stein.

Throughout 2015, the Trump-Clinton matchup in polls had been purely hypothetical - no primaries had happened yet, so there wasn't a clear, quantifiable indication of who was likely to win.

Johnson and Weld are now pulling 8 to 10 percent in the polls.