Protesters Fight to Reject Controversial Mexican-American Textbook


Critics have piled harsh criticisms on early draft copies of the book, meant for high school classes, saying it is full of errors, leaves out facts, and promotes offensive stereotypes.

A proposed textbook called "Mexican American Heritage" was denounced as an error-plagued misrepresentation of Hispanic culture by more than 100 demonstrators just as the State Board of Education began the process of deciding whether to have it taught in Texas public schools. "It's a turning point for Texas", Diaz told Fox News Latino. "My father and many other soldiers died for our right to speak this", said Juvenal Cardona.

Dunbar told the Texas Tribune in a report published Monday that numerous errors cited are being corrected and disputed that it contains an anti-Latino stereotypes.

"The call for not just Mexican-American studies a year and a half ago, but for African American studies, for Native American studies and for women studies was a call to action to augment and diversify education", said Marisa Perez, who now sits on the State Board of Education. "The state of Texas receives a lot of federal funds and is prohibited from discriminating, in their policies and procedures, it also includes vendor, which in this case, is a company that has pushed for this adoption", said Johnny Mata with the American GI Forum.

The board is considering the textbook, titled "Mexican American Heritage", for use in the 2017-2018 school year.

The book's publisher, Momentum Instruction, is headed by former State Board of Education member Cynthia Dunbar.

In October, State Board members will announce all of the errors the publisher will need to correct and then in November they will vote on whether or not to adopt the textbook.

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"It's a lovely turnout", Diaz says.

A backlash against the book has ballooned since the Texas Education Agency published samples in May.

"He added that the book has "so many shocking similarities to the conversation that you hear on national news", referring to the presidential election". The powerful 15-member panel sets statewide curriculum and approves textbooks.

"In a state where a majority of people are Hispanic, you want to say no comment to a book that is dripping with racism?"

The textbook is not Dunbar's first foray into the publishing world.

The board's vice chairman, Thomas Ratliff who is Republican, told the Houston Chronicle the book's prospects were dim. "And it was an out of state book", said board member Ken Mercer.

"[The rejection of the textbook] would symbolize people were working together", Diaz said.