Trump releases doctor's letter, says he 'is in excellent physical health'


Donald Trump is "healthy enough to be president", according to Dr. Mehmet Oz, whose only apparent issue with the Republican nominee was that he could afford to lose a few pounds (and in our unprofessional medical opinion, find a new form of exercise).

The letter also notes that Trump's parents lived into their late 80s and 90s and that Trump refrains from using tobacco or alcohol.

Instead, the results of his physical were released hours before (according to a source within the campaign, a big reveal was never actually the plan) and Trump would chat about his "general well-being" with the TV doctor. It wasn't his medical records, but it was a letter from his controversial doctor that mentioned his childhood hospitalization for an appendectomy and the fact that the Republican nominee is overweight.

"In summary, Mr. Trump is in excellent physical health", Bornstein wrote.

"I would say it should not be prescription", he told the audience, adding that many women "just aren't in a position to go get a prescription".

Trump said Monday he was planning to release detailed health information from the new physical exam in the coming days, following Hillary Clinton's health scare at the September 11 memorial service and revelations that she was diagnosed with pneumonia.

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The one-page letter simply attested to Trump's general health. Trump also provided results from a recent physical exam.

Mrs Clinton told reporters on her campaign plane she was "doing great" as she headed to her first event after returning to the trail in Greensboro, North Carolina.

His blood pressure and cholesterol levels are within normal levels, as is his testosterone level. His EKG and chest X-ray on April 14, 2016, were normal. That would give him a body mass index, or BMI, of 29.5, which falls into the category of overweight for his height. "I've always been a little bit this way, you know, but I have always been this way".

Bornstein said there was no history in Trump's family of premature cardiac or neoplastic disease, which includes all kinds of cancers and abnormal growths. He had a normal PSA, a test for prostate abnormalities, and liver and thyroid tests were within a normal range. "I don't think so, I don't think so". He stopped briefly to comment on the candidate's testosterone levels.

Trump says he feels running for President is stressful and doesn't do very much to relax.

Previously, Bornstein wrote a letter, reportedly in five minutes while Trump's limo waited, saying, "If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency".