De Lima ousted as chair of panel


Senate President Aquilino Pimentel III said Senator Leila de Lima, the ousted chair of the committee on justice and human rights, should stop presenting self-confessed hitman Edgar Matobato's testimony against President Duterte, insisting that it is not related to the resolution that the justice committee of the Senate is supposed to look into.

He replaced Sen. Leila De Lima, who chaired the hearings for extra judicial killings. The former Justice Secretary is under public scrutiny in her manner of conducting the said hearings and is accused of partiality by many. De Lima was ousted by 16 of her colleagues. A total of 16 senators voted in favor of Pacquiao's motion while De Lima's four fellow Liberal Party members opposed and two senators abstained.

The next Senate Committee on Justice hearing is scheduled Thursday but it will now have a new chairperson and new members. Richard Gordon as the new head of the justice committee.

De Lima's ouster came after Sen.

While Cayetano was delivering his speech, de Lima walked out of the hall.

Trillanes said the inquiry into alleged extrajudicial or summary killings purportedly committed by the DDS is meant to come up with remedial legislation to ensure the protection of the people's basic human rights and their right to life and the observance of due process of law in the government's conduct of its campaign against terrorism, drugs and street crimes.

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Though Duterte has openly called for the death of drug suspects, and the Davao death squad has always been a rumored fixture in the Mindanao city, Matobato was the first to give a personal testimony into how the killings allegedly worked.

"We have to save our nation from the efforts of a few people not only politicians, Filipinos but some in the global community from destroying the image of country, economy and future of the next generation", Cayetano said.

Drilon, the Senate president pro-tempore, asked to be recognized, and pointed out there was no rule that allowed a member of the Senate to declare vacant the chairmanship of a committee.

VACANT Senator Emmanuel Pacquiao (left) confers with Senator Alan Peter Cayetano during Monday's session. She said she will deliver her own privilege speech on Tue, Sep 20.