Buhari, others adopt New York Declaration for Refugees, Migrants

UN apologizes for peacekeepers abuse cholera in Haiti

"If you compared where we are and where we ought to be, then you can see how far we have to go", Soros said in his closing remarks at the summit.

"On the other hand, states, just like us, need a more predictable way of responding to the refugee crisis that's what this NY declaration proposes", Fillipo Grandi, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, told The Associated Press.

Globally, 65.3 million people have been forcibly displaced, according to the UNHCR.

But the co-hosts of the Leaders' Summit said in a statement they were pleased with "new and significant humanitarian contributions" from world leaders.

Today's UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants must be a turning point for the tens of millions of people forcibly on the move whose lives are degraded owing to a string of failures by the worldwide community, the development agency Christian Aid has said. As President Obama himself acknowledged, governments must build on the momentum achieved at this summit to finish the job of meeting the needs of all 21.3 million refugees who have been forced to flee in search of safety. "The overall climate is not very favorable to receiving refugees in many parts of the world but on the one hand, states committed to this so we can remind them of their obligations".

Ambassador Thomas Jr said the goal of the summit was to expand a humanitarian safety net and create more long-term opportunities for refugees.

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Werner Baumann, the chief executive of Bayer, said: "We are pleased to announce the combination of our two great organisations". Bayer , which is strongest in Asia and Europe, stands to gain from Monsanto's expertise in agriculture and seeds.

Obama commented as the White House announced that more than four dozen us businesses have pledged $650 million to help refugees.

Despite the declared joint focus of the United Nations summit on refugees and migrants, there was a strong suggestion by some countries that "if we want to help the refugees, we have to keep out the migrants", noted Liebl.

The promise was that Jordan will continue to bear responsibility for refugees in return for donations by rich countries until the Syrian conflict is solved and refugees return home. The European Union and World Bank also participated.

"So I am absolutely in favor of, and have always been an advocate for, tough vetting for making sure that we don't let people into this country, and not just people who come here to settle, but we need a better visa system", Hillary Clinton said during a press conference. Some have agreed to accept twice the number of refugees they did a year ago.

"The results of the vote reflect our citizens' reaction to attempts of foreign pressure on Russian Federation, to sanctions, to attempts to destabilize the situation in our country from within", Putin said.

The administration has yet to release a country-by-country breakdown of the 110,000 refugee figure. ACT partners are providing legal protection services to unaccompanied children, and families, on the Greek mainland, and housing support to some of the most vulnerable refugees awaiting relocation to other countries in Europe.