Missouri lawmakers expand gun rights, override veto of 'stand your ground' legislation


Then after about two hours of debate, Senate Republicans used a procedural motion to shut off Democratic discussion and complete the veto override on a 24-7 vote.

In order to override a veto, the House must attain 109 votes, while the Senate needs 23 votes. Several lawmakers who originally supported the bill said they would switch their votes. A final House vote is needed to complete the override. Heading into Wednesday, lawmakers had successfully overridden Nixon on 83 bills and budget expenditures over his two terms in office - almost four times more overrides than the combined total for all other governors dating back to 1820 when Missouri was still a territory. It was also after last year's veto session that Missouri's governor gained the distinction of being the most overridden governor in the history of our state. Over his past six years in office, lawmakers have successfully overridden 96 vetoes of bills and budget measures.

House sponsor Jason Alferman, R-Hermann, contended that the photo-ID requirement would help guard against vote fraud.

The largest cost associated with the new tax breaks comes from a measure allowing cattle ranchers and other agricultural producers to deduct federal disaster aid payments from their state income taxes.

Voters without a photo ID can still vote if they sign an affidavit swearing to not having that type of identification. The bill also requires the state to pay for photo IDs for those lacking them. The new provision, which will take effect in January, does away with those requirements. However it will not change the voting procedures for the upcoming Presidential election as the bill is not set to take effect until 2017.

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The vote to override Democrat Gov. Jay Nixon's veto of Senate Bill 656 made Missouri the 11th state with such legislation.

He noted that under the law, individuals previously banned from obtaining a concealed carry permit - including individuals who pled guilty to felonies but receive suspended sentences, individuals charged but not yet convicted of felonies, and individuals who have been convicted of two or more DUIs in the past five years - would all now be allowed to concealed carry.

The Missouri Chapter Leader, Becky Morgan, says, "Missouri lawmakers buckled to the NRA instead of listening to the vast majority of Missouri voters, including mayors and law enforcement leaders, who support our current concealed carry permit system". These bills become law in 30 days. It's the first state to pass such a measure since 2011, although dozens of others have passed similar "stand-your-ground" laws.

The legislation also allows guests like babysitters to use deadly force in a confrontation in the home, which is an expansion of the "castle doctrine". This is important pro-gun self-defense legislation that will expand Missourians' right to protect themselves and their families.

Democrats asserted it could put racial minorities at a greater risk of being fatally shot.