Skittles to Donald Trump Jr.: Refugees are people, not candy


A photographer who says he took the Skittles photo used by Donald Trump Jr.in a tweet on the "Syrian refugee problem", tells ABC News that he is himself a refugee.

Trump Jr. tweeted, "the image says it all" and demanded that the US "end the politically correct agenda that doesn't put America first". "Would you take a handful?" it reads.

And this week, one of Trump's sons triggered an online storm with a tweet comparing Syrian refugees to a bowl containing an assortment of tainted and untainted sweets.

Skittles released a statement saying Trump Junior's analogy was not "appropriate" and clarified that refugees are actually people. "We respectfully refrain from further comment, as that would be misinterpreted as marketing".

Not only has the company that makes the fruit-flavoured sweets hit back, but in an ironic twist the photographer who took the photo Trump Jr. tweeted was himself a refugee.

Above the graphic, Trump Jr. tweeted, "This image says it all".

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"America has become less safe under Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and Clinton's planned 550% increase in Syrian refugees is a unsafe proposal that will put American lives at risk", Miller said.

But Wrigley Americas, Skittles' parent company, was having none of it.

Still, the potential danger posed by Syrian refugees has been a central theme of the Trump campaign.

Trump Jr.'s tweet repeats an analogy that has been on the internet for years, using M&Ms and other foods, and targeting a variety of groups.

For the past year, Trump has been warning that letting refugees in would make the United States vulnerable to new terror attacks.

The photo of the bowl of Skittles was taken by a refugee from Turkey now living in Britain, who denounced Trump for using it. Approval can take up to 24 months, as NPR reported a year ago. While in Cleveland, for the Republican National Convention, Trump Jr. said at a Wall Street Journal breakfast he might want to also run for public office. "They are just like us". As Blinken explains to the Muppet Grover in the video, refugees are "people who've had to leave their homes because it's not safe for them to live in their countries". Obama pledged the USA would accept 10,000 Syrians this budget year, which ends September 30, and achieved that number a month early.