Angela Lansbury revives 'Beauty and the Beast' role in NY

Angela Lansbury revives 'Beauty and the Beast' role in NY

After the screening, Lansbury returned to the stage to perform "Beauty and the Beast" with Alan Menken - the song's original co-writer and Disney music legend.

Lansbury's performance was a true surprise; an earlier screening of the film in California, also in celebration of the film's 25th anniversary, included a similar pre-show Q&A with Lansbury, but her musical performance was exclusive to NY.

The film is now 25 years old and the cast and crew came back together for a musical celebration which included this magical moment.

1991's Beauty and the Beast is my favourite Disney film. "We were all anxious she would be too exhausted and then she comes out and sings "Beauty and the Beast" in one take".

The new home release includes a "new advanced sing-along version" of the film which is great because those songs are catchy.

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Mrs. Potts! Angela Lansbury revived her Disney character Mrs. Potts in honor of Beauty and the Beast's 25th anniversary on Sunday, September 18.

Angela Lansbury is such a queen. "Night-night", she said as the audience broke out in applause.

Beauty and the Beast is one of those movies that people seem to forget is animated or a cartoon, as it is just so good.

A live-action version of the film is set to hit cinemas next year, starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens in the leading roles. However, it is her voice that is a staple of many of our childhoods.