US presidential race: Donald Trump Jr. becomes campaign flashpoint

What’s Missing From 2016 Election? Discussion About Real Issues

"That's our Syrian refugee problem".

It's also important to note one really other important thing about refugees: They're fleeing, amid great hardship and at tremendous personal risk, to avoid being killed in a awful war back home or to escape some other tremendously risky situation.

"I would like the Trump campaign to delete the image, but they are probably not interested in what I have to say", he said.

Even the Wrigley Company which owns Skittles was disturbed by the failed analogy and they rebuked Junior by telling him refugees are not to be equated with candy.

It emerged on Wednesday that the image used in Mr Trump jnr's original post was taken by a refugee who did not give permission for the photo to be used.

Separately, the man who took the photograph of Skittles has told the BBC that he was also an erstwhile refugee.

Trump Jr. said "We've seen what's going on in Europe. We can't be naive to that and pretend that's not happening there", Trump said, according to the Deseret News.

My colleagues Lisa Riley Roche and Doug Wilks of the news room are to be commended for taking the journalistic high road - focusing on the need for specifics relative to Trump's plan for addressing the pressing refugee situation, rather than focusing on the easier rage trigger surrounding the Skittles analogy.

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Metaphors are usually used to enlighten and explain - but not in the hands of Donald Trump Jr.

"We realize Idaho is not a battleground state, and that Donald Trump needs to be in other areas of the country".

"For a confectionary brand that is associated with rainbows and colourful places to eat lollies and happy things, being drawn into these social issues is very damaging, particularly when they haven't had a say as to what role they play", Dr Johnston said.

"Here's the reality: This is a family that's passionate about changing America by bringing real positive change to Washington", said Jason Miller, the Trump campaign's senior communications adviser.

He also told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that it would be unwise for his father to release his tax returns because it would "distract" from his father's "main message".

Like many of us, Stephen Colbert was both horrified and intrigued.

Noah made a decision to try out Trump Jr.'s way of thinking and applied the anology to the Trump campaign.