Scenes from Charlotte's protests for Keith Scott


Forty-four people were arrested, and one protester who was shot died at the hospital Thursday; city officials said police did not shoot the man and no arrests have been made in 26-year-old Justin Carr's death.

The Charlotte shooting took place at 4 p.m. (2000 GMT) on Tuesday as officers searching for a suspect arrived in the parking lot of an apartment complex.

Unrest broke out in North Carolina's largest city after the fatal shooting Tuesday of Keith Lamont Scott, 43, as he got out of his vehicle.

Putney warned that video will not provide "definitive visual evidence" that Scott pointed a gun at police officers. Authorities used tear gas to disperse protesters in an overnight demonstration that broke out Tuesday after Keith Lamont Scott was fatally shot by an officer at an apartment complex.

District Attorney R. Andrew Murray said in a statement Thursday that he was making the request for a state investigation at the request of Scott's family.

"Tell everyone that violence is not the answer", she said.

Keity Lamont Scott, 40, was shot and killed while officers were looking to serve a warrant to a completely different person. Police say he had a gun, but neighbours and his family say he had only a book as he waited for his son to leave the school bus.

Chief Kerr Putney addressed Scott family's claim that he was reading a book in his vehicle when police officers approached and shot him Tuesday afternoon.

Protesters say: Community members and analysts say, if it is released, it'll help answer much-needed questions.

Roberts again called for calm as the shooting investigation continues.

Roberts said that in the case of the Charlotte shooting, releasing the videos "would be helpful if the footage is clear".

Putney fought against tough questioning from the media, who peppered him with questions on why he wouldn't release the video.

The family says: Scott was unarmed.

Several hundred marchers have been angry but peaceful Wednesday night as they shouted slogans like "Hands up; don't shoot" and "Black lives matter" outside downtown landmarks. The city saw a few protests but no violence.

As WFAE's Gwendolyn Glenn explained, there was tension in the city past year over a 2013 police shooting of a black man.

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A person doesn't have to point a weapon directly at police to prompt deadly force, CNN law enforcement analyst Art Roderick said. In the footage, she is at the cordoned-off shooting scene, yelling at officers.

Last year, a Chicago police officer was charged with murder the same day the city released dashcam video that showed him shooting black teenager Laquan McDonald 16 times, footage that contradicted the accounts of officers who said the teen swung a knife at them.

The U.S. Justice Department was sending a group of trained peacekeepers to Charlotte to help resolve conflicts.

Protesters say: Police may have profiled Scott because of his race. Five officers and nine civilians were injured in the unrest. He is also deploying the National Guard to assist in the city.

"We call for the full release of all facts available", the NAACP said. But at least three major companies told workers to avoid downtown offices. Police began shooting off flash grenades in response to protestors throwing bottles, says FOX News.

The Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority oversees the NASCAR Hall of Fame building and the convention center next door. Officials said the damage is being assessed. Lobby windows were smashed.

Scott was the sixth resident to be killed by Charlotte police in the past 12 months.

A police officer was also being treated for injuries suffered during the protests, officials added. "All non-essential employees and contingent workers are encouraged not to report to work uptown", the company said.

Wells Fargo spokesman Josh Dunn said the bank's staff is not required to report to work Thursday.

By late Thursday morning, leaders worked to clean up Charlotte's streets, scattered with debris.

Some confronted a column of patrol cars and officers lining the road about a block from the Omni Charlotte Hotel, and began to surround groups of police and their vehicles. By Thursday morning, employees of local businesses were cleaning up the broken glass that was left behind.

But the city isn't entirely back to normal.

Former KVUE News reporter Ed Lavandera was shoved the ground Wednesday night by a demonstrator while covering the ongoing Charlotte, North Carolina protests for his current employer, CNN. Several reporters and people on the street were attacked as police in riot gear linked arms, marched down streets and fired tear gas. Pat McCrory after a second straight night of racial unrest of the sort that has convulsed other US cities and seemed at odds with Charlotte's image as a diverse, forward-looking city of the New South. "This is all the information I have at this time".

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