Networks ignore Clinton Foundation conflict-of-interest issues in 95% of coverage

President Obama campaigns in the Granite State Sunday November. 4 2012 with the help of President Bill Clinton. A crowd of approximately 14,000 supporters stood in line for hours in the chilly autumn air

When Hillary Clinton agreed to be Secretary of State during President Obama's first term, she promised her distance from the Clinton Foundation.

Although some allies of the foundation were not happy with the way staff is being let go, one of the former officials told Politico that it would be a "bad idea" to keep the staff following allegations that donors received special access to Clinton's State Department.

US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, however, will miss the Clinton Foundation's Global Initiative (CGI) event, it has emerged.

As the conference arm of Hillary and Bill Clinton's non-profit organization for the last 12 years, CGI has convened world leaders - with the aid of corporate sponsors - to find solutions for big issues like climate change and educating girls.

Other staff will be kept on to continue working with donors, two former Foundation officials told Politico.

The stuff that they've said so far is just bull, but if she was actually the president, it would raise too many questions.

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Despite serving as president for eight years, Bill Clinton has said his work with the foundation has been the work of his life.

"I've had this job longer than I ever had any job and I've loved it", Clinton said.

Clinton also explained how the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation will reorganize itself if his wife, Hillary, is elected president.

Bill Clinton delivered an emotional defense of his family's charitable foundation Wednesday, applauding those who have contributing for having "validated hope and possibilities". Count among them Bill Clinton, who said in an interview that aired on Monday that it was "natural" for friends and Clinton Foundation donors to ask Hillary Clinton's State Department for favors. He told staffers earlier this year that leaving the foundation would be as painful as a "root canal" and told NPR earlier this week that he would have "paid more to do this job".

"Janet Yellen , Lael Brainard whom I know, several others, these are really smart people and they'll do what they think is right", Clinton said in an exclusive interview with CNBC from the Clinton Global Initiative's annual meeting in NY.