Charlotte Police Chief Says He Will Release Video of Keith Scott Shooting

Charlotte Police Chief Says He Will Release Video of Keith Scott Shooting

They said the gun was loaded and Scott was wearing an ankle holster. But some in Scott's family insisted he didn't have a weapon.

Putney said evidence showed that Keith Scott, who was killed on Tuesday, was holding a gun when he was shot by a police officer, but that the videos themselves were "insufficient" to prove that. "He is doing the opposite: He is passively stepping back".

Following the shooting, Scott's family continued to say that he was not armed. As the encounter escalates, she repeatedly urges police, "You better not shoot him". Putney, though, admitted the tapes don't offer a definitive answer to a crucial question: did Scott do anything threatening to officers before he was killed? Scott gets out and starts walking backward before shots are fired. He said that officials will have to look at the whole picture.

The dash cam footage shows two officers pointing their weapons at Scott, who is inside the SUV. Moments later, another officer joins the first officer behind a truck.

"I have been assured by the State Bureau of Investigation that the release will have no material impact on the independent investigation since most of the known witnesses have been interviewed", he said in a post on Facebook.

Charlotte has become the latest flashpoint in ongoing tensions over USA police shootings of black men, a lot of them unarmed.

Putney said not all of the video footage recorded during the incident would be released. He said police had a "compelling" reason to approach Scott, and no officers will be charged in the shooting at this point.

Activists attempt to make their way onto Interstate 277 to block traffic as they march in the streets September 22, 2016, in Charlotte, N.C., to protest the death of Keith Lamont Scott.

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He said he had determined recently that releasing footage would have "no adverse impact on the investigation".

The department said in an update released late Saturday that says two plainclothes officers were preparing to arrest someone else when they saw Scott sitting in an SUV, rolling a marijuana blunt. He said that and other evidence they were releasing would corroborate their account of how things unfolded, including that Keith Lamont Scott was holding a gun when he was shot. "When an officer tried to break the SUV's window "to make an arrest", Scott exited the vehicle with the gun and backed away from the vehicle while continuing to ignore officers' repeated loud verbal commands to drop the gun", the statement said. Then the officer runs to the other side of the vehicle and Scott is on the ground.

VIDEO WARNING: The following dashcam footage contains raw video captured by Charlotte police moments before the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott.

Willaims adds watching the video is just a piece of the puzzle.

Scott's shooting on Tuesday set off several nights of unrest in Charlotte.

National Guard members posted in front of many downtown buildings watched the demonstrators marching. That footage does not show when shots are fired, and Scott is already on the ground.

Cops announced that Justin Carr, 26, who was shot on Wednesday night died in hospital.