Rhode Island man found alive after being lost at sea for week

Google Map of region where missing boater was found

One of two boaters who went missing for a week off the coast of Rhode Island has been found alive in a life raft near MA, the U.S. Coast Guard said.

His mother, Linda Carman, 54, is presumed dead based on factors including the fact she was not aboard a lifeboat, her age, and the temperature of the water, Stone said.

Authorities had searched 62,000 square nautical miles off New England, an area larger than the state of Georgia, after Linda Carman, 54, and Nathan Carman, 22, failed to return to their Rhode Island port from a fishing trip on their 31-foot (9.5 m) boat the "Chicken Pox" on September 18.

The Coast Guard suspended the search on Friday after searching six days and 62,000 square nautical miles of ocean, an area larger than the state of Georgia, from south of Block Island to the Canyons off NY. She added that he was in good condition. He was eventually found in Virginia at a bus station. According to Groll, Nathan Carman had told coast guard officials that the boat began taking in water and eventually sank in the vicinity of Block Canyon, off the coast of NY.

He was escorted to a waiting government vehicle and then driven to another spot on the base where, Coast Guard spokeswoman Petty Officer 3rd Class Nicole Groll said, he would be asked to participate in what the marine safety agency calls a survivor debriefing.

In 2011, Nathan Carman, who was 17 at the time, wandered away from his home in Middletown, and was spotted in New Haven - prompting a multi-state search.

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Petty Officer 2nd Class LaNola Stone said the Coast Guard will conduct a "survivor de-briefing" with Carman, a standard procedure for people who are rescued at sea.

The mother and son disappeared September 18 after leaving a Rhode Island marina to go on a fishing trip in a 31-foot aluminum fishing boat named the Chicken Pox.

Neighbors in Vermont said Carman largely kept to himself while renovating and expanding a home he bought nearly two years ago. He and Linda Carman fish together regularly, Linda Carman's friend told the Courant. No arrest has been made in that case.

The Vermont man who survived the sinking of his 32-foot fishing boat - but whose mother apparently did not - is expected to arrive in Boston Tuesday on the Chinese freighter that found him drifting in a lifeboat on the Atlantic Ocean.

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