Boris Johnson says Article 50 could be triggered in early 2017


Britain wants a trade deal that gives London's financial district, known as the City, access to EU clients while allowing the government to restrict migration from the bloc - something at odds with the basic rules of the European Union.

Over the course of the next year or so, there is a general election in France, one in Germany, and a major vote in Italy, which could end up triggering an election there as well, should prime minister Matteo Renzi and his government lose the referendum on constitutional reform. He has urged Britain to start exit talks soon.

"This period of preparation is valuable for all concerned and while we are going to leave the European Union, we are not leaving Europe", said May as she welcomed him to her Downing Street office.

Theresa May has distanced herself from comments made by Boris Johnson suggesting formal talks on Brexit will begin by "the early part of next year".

"This is a very clear message we get from our constituency".

The president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, used his State of the Union address to MEPs to condemn attacks on Polish people in the United Kingdom following the killing of Arkadiusz Jozwik, 40, in Harlow in Essex last month.

Striking a trade deal with the U.K.is not on the U.S.'s list of priorities, Trade Representative Mike Froman said, echoing President Barack Obama's pre-Brexit vote warning that a decision to leave the European Union would push Britain to the "back of the queue".

"We do not exclude the possibility that funding costs might be more volatile in future", said Silke Walters, a spokeswoman for German carmaker Daimler.

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Mr Schulz hit out at the "damaging and also dangerous" rhetoric used in the referendum campaign and the "shameless use of lies".

"I think ... what everybody wants ... is clarity and getting on with it". "The only correct attitude towards such violence is zero tolerance and this is the signal expected from the authorities in all member states", he said.

Mr Booth said that the size of the UK's economy and its position as a key member of both the UN Security Council and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation should enable Mrs May to achieve her goal of an "ambitious" bespoke deal for Britain, rather than the off-the-shelf models in place with Norway or Switzerland.

Mr Johnson also revealed more details about the Government's Brexit plan and hinted there could be free-movement sweeteners offered to non-EU countries as part of any trade deal, such as more visas and work permits.

He acknowledged concerns about continuing with the free movement of people after Brexit but insisted they could be addressed with a fund to support areas under pressure and action to tackle the undercutting of local wages.

The report, entitled UK-EU trade and jobs linked to exports, found that all but five of the 27 EU members have more jobs riding on exports to Britain than Britain has on exports to those countries.

"Britain can not choose the continent we exist in".