ACLU releases statement supporting Huskers kneeling during the National Anthem

Nebraska regent wants to boot players not standing for anthem

Reaction has intensified to the three Husker football players taking a knee during the National Anthem at last Saturday's football game. Since Saturday's game, a member of the university's Board of Regents has criticized the protest and suggested that those who joined should not be on the football team.

The school's president stood by the players and said the First Amendment protects them from repercussions.

And it gets even worse: Gov. Pete Ricketts, who talks endlessly about freedom, jumped right into the controversy on a Monday night radio show.

The Governor's Office is working to arrange a meeting with Rose-Ivey during the Huskers' bye week next week, per Rose-Ivey's request, said Taylor Gage, Ricketts' spokesman.

I didn't plan on saying anything about this, because everyone has an opinion on it and some sports writer ranting won't change anyone's minds, but when I read what Rose-Ivey said in a written statement made me look twice and beat my fist into my desk. "Direct message me your information, and we will get something set up right away!"

Nebraska president Hank Bounds wrote and published an open letter to the Cornhusker fanbase Wednesday, making clear his support of Rose-Ivey's decision to exercise his right to protest prior to Saturday's game against IL.

Rose-Ivey went on to say that he has received support from fans and strangers alike. Rose-Ivey said that as black athletes, they can no longer stay silent. "Our students, faculty and staff absolutely enjoy the right to participate in these dialogues in the manner they choose under the First Amendment and board policy".

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"College campuses, as much as any space, must be places where robust, even uncomfortable, debate is welcomed and encouraged", Bounds said.

Three players took a knee before the Cornhuskers' game Saturday against Northwestern in Evanston, Ill., registering their protest over racial discrimination and drawing the attention of Hal Daub, a regent who formerly was the mayor of Omaha and a member of the House of Representatives in the 1980s. "I am honored and humbled to serve with you".

"To make it clear, I am not anti-police, I am not anti-military, nor am I anti-American. They know better, and they had better be kicked off the team", he added. It's another example in a long line of growing protests since San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick started the trend nearly a month ago. That includes the four Huskers who helped hold up the American flag as the anthem was playing Saturday.

"These are actual statements we receive from fans".

Nebraska Head coach Mike Riley stated that he supports his players decision to peacefully protest. "I've got 140 kids on the football team and they're all different in their own lovely way", Riley said.

Ricketts said he respected the players' right to protest but disagreed with the way they did so.

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