Californians May Now Legally Break Into Hot Cars To Rescue Trapped Animals

HEARTS AND MINDS TV screens across the county will be carpet bombed with dueling campaign ads such as the ones between congressional candidates Salud Carbajal and Justin Fareed

"It's been 10 years since California made it a crime to leave an animal unattended in a auto when conditions are risky", commented Senator Steve Glazer.

Assemblymembers Marc Steinorth, a Republican from Rancho Cucamonga, and Miguel Santiago, a Democrat from Los Angeles, introduced the "Right to Rescue" act earlier this year. As of this month, you can add California to the list of states that will allow you to free a dog from the sweltering ovens parked cars become.

Steinorth thanked supporters of the Right to Rescue Act on his Facebook page. It took just nine minutes for temperatures to reach 100 degrees inside the vehicle, and the lawmakers lasted 21 minutes in the auto before ending the experiment.

The law not only relieves the rescuing person from criminal prosecution, but also civil liability. "We hope this never has to happen; this effort is also about spreading awareness of the danger of hot cars, and that leaving your pet in harmful conditions is already illegal".

Cisco DeVries, CEO of Oakland-based Renew Financial, said in a statement that the new law will help protect homeowners.

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PETA reports that animals can suffer brain damage or even death from heatstroke in as little as 15 minutes left in a hot auto.

Lawmakers say the measure was needed because people trying to keep animals from dying inside hot cars have often been met by angry owners, and those owners have been known to demand the rescuer to pay for the damage.

The passage of this new law means that the courthouse doors will no longer be slammed shut in the face of rape victims.

The new law says that someone must first call law enforcement to report the situation if they believe the animal is in danger. AB 797 provides a legal framework for a Good Samaritan to follow in order to remove an animal from a hot vehicle, without fear of legal repercussions.