Clinton pips Trump in bruising first debate

In this Wednesday Aug. 31 2016

As soon as she releases them, I will release. "I will release", replied Trump.

"He was pretty good for the first 20 minutes, on his message and I thought he actually did a little better than Hillary", Butts said.

"And if I had to do it over again, I would, obviously, do it differently". But I'm not going to make any excuses. "It was a mistake, and I take responsibility for that", insisted Clinton.

Clinton's response to Trump was inarguable, however.

"This is something that never should have happened". Compare that to my new hotel in Washington, D.C. Or to the experience with the Wollman ice skating rink in Central Park, which the government couldn't fix after six years and spending $12 million over budget. Now, it's in over 30 countries. And, you're going to stop them?

I am a racist: I should have asked, Is it racist to want to prevent Syrians from coming into the country until the Federal Bureau of Investigation says it has the ability to check them out, and find the terrorists with forged passports? They just want to know whether a given presidential candidate will try to take the country where they want it to go, and whether a candidate will be able to "fly" the government so that it doesn't crash land. With gusto she roamed through a history of bankruptcies and bad debt, of overleveraged companies and "stiffed" suppliers, to wonder was this really the model they wanted for the CEO of US Inc?

"While the perceived debate victor or loser might have been a factor in early equity trading", Kevin Giddis at Raymond James said, "the. market is focused on other things, mainly concerns over certain banks, and their sustainability". He called her Miss Housekeeping because she was Latina. And she has become a USA citizen. You will receive your first email shortly. What reaction has there been? Then a grand jury should be convened to take sworn testimony from all Clinton employees who were involved in the destruction of the evidence, and from Hillary to see if her testimony before Congress constituted perjury.

Clinton also had more to say than Trump, who was on the defensive, not as well prepared, addressed issues only superficially and aimed a lot of personal attacks at Clinton.

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Monday night, the market bar served up drinks inspired by the candidates' signature looks: "The Pant Suit" for Clinton and "The Hair Piece" for Trump.

AS: The crucial question of course is how does this play with undecided voters. Is there any indications as to how they've responded? Clinton, following Obama, is increasingly aligning the Democratic Party with constituencies that welcome diversifying America - and as part of that process, she's energizing its core voter groups by eschewing white grievance and by fully engaging the battle against Trump's racism.

She also declared later that "Too many young African-American and Latino men ended up in jail for nonviolent offenses", but she seemed unaware that merely possessing a gun when one is legally prohibited from doing so is, in and of itself, a nonviolent offense, though it's an offense she wants to crack down on.

The candidates are already back at on the trail, and they're both talking about last night's showdown.

Hillary "Clinton has the temperament and experience to be president", the board wrote.

AS: There's a still a long way to go to the election in November so how important was this debate? It's hard to tell whether this particular debate will change the narrative.

But Clinton has also created some of her own problems. She hasn't done that yet.

AS: Stefan Grobe, euronews correspondent in Washington, thank you.