Corbyn: Labour Would Halt Arms Sales Over Abuses, War Crimes


Brexit - Corbyn attacked the Tories for dithering over Brexit but did not exactly clarify what Labour's official approach to handling the referendum result would be.

Corbyn was interrupted numerous times by applause in the conference hall by supporters, having been re-elected leader on Sunday. Kezia Dugdale is the leader of the Scottish Labour Party but that is below the rank of Corbyn.

Although Jeremy Corbyn promised olive branches to his MPs this week, there has been precious little sign of the leadership taking concrete steps to bring those back on board.

The party has spent most of its conference week attempting to unite after a summer of acrimony, but on immigration the divides are only getting deeper.

Ms Abbott is expected to say: "Labour will restore the NHS to a properly functioning service after years of Tory cuts, damaging reorganisations and privatisations".

He confirmed plans for a national education service - paid for by hiking corporation tax - and for a £160 million arts pupil premium in schools.

Many of his MPs and Labour voters, especially in areas which voted for Brexit, believe this is completely the wrong strategy.

Businesses employed people and trade unionists, he said, and the party had never been against firms making money - only corporate "abuse".

As some speculate about his future leadership ambitions, Khan, who won a sweeping victory in the capital in May, said it was time "for us all to work together towards the greatest prize of getting Labour back into power".

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Watson said it was time "to be proud of our party", because the Conservatives were beatable and the prime minister, Theresa May, could call an election any time.

"So why don't we say the same about nuclear weapons which have the power to destroy the world we live in in minutes, not just over decades?"

Labour Party member, Shamon Mattoo, told JMU Journalism: "We need to address local communities, particularly white working-class communities who might feel disillusioned and might be going to UKIP. We expect all our members to support our campaign and we will be ready for the challenge whenever it comes".

Mr Katz said the National Executive Committee (NEC) should be passing a rule change immediately to fully tackle the issue of anti-Semitism and to get rid of hate speech, as he warned against delays. "Let's create a society for the millions not the millionaires". "This party always has and always will fight against prejudice and hatred of Jewish people with every breath in its body". "What we heard from Jeremy today is a leader determined to rebuild trust and nourish hope", he said.

"With Labour out of power, we have just been through a divisive and bruising European Union referendum campaign".

She said: "As soon as we became aware of the complaint the general secretary immediately instructed the exhibitor to remove the copies of the paper from display".

But Mark Littlewood, director general at the Institute of Economic Affairs think tank, branded it a "speech full of discredited policies and unfunded promises".

At conference, Corbyn failed to prevent a motion being passed that will see Scottish and Welsh party representatives added to Labour's ruling committee, potentially denying him a majority on the body.