FBI's Comey faces more questions on extremism, Clinton email


"Would you agree that that would be a natural step in an investigation?"

Wednesday's hearing was the second time in two days that Comey faced questions from members of Congress.

"I was in NY and I was talking to the coalition partners and I think it's fair to characterize their feelings as America hasn't led enough in order to actually accomplish that goal", said Johnson, who chairs the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. "We are honest people". He said repeatedly that while it was fair to question his wisdom, it was something else to question the integrity of the career FBI investigators who'd pursued the case.

Michigan Democratic Rep. John Conyers Jr. criticized Republicans for focusing on the Clinton investigation instead of recent terrorist attacks in Minnesota, New York and New Jersey or on the reports of Trump's adviser speaking with Russian officials. They also voiced concern with the number of people who had been in the room with Clinton during her July FBI interview.

"I did not", Comey confirmed Wednesday at a U.S. House hearing, making it clear that Clinton was not being truthful when she made her comment about Comey calling her "truthful". IL officials said they discovered a successful breach in which hackers were able to retrieve a small percentage of voter records, and they said the Federal Bureau of Investigation told them agents were looking at foreign governments and criminal hackers as possible suspects.

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Mills, who was chief of staff while Clinton served as secretary of State, was granted "active production immunity" that prevents the Department of Justice (DOJ) from prosecuting her for anything found on a laptop she turned over to the FBI, Comey said.

A lawyer for Mills and Samuelson said in a statement that she advised them to take the deal "because of the confusion surrounding the various agencies' positions on the after-the-fact classification decisions". Committee chairman Bob Goodlatte of Virginia contended that Clinton had played "fast and loose with national security" and said it defied logic that she could escape prosecution.

"There is no doubt that some bad actors have been poking around, " Comey told the House Judiciary Committee.

Comey was also unable to answer lawmakers' questions regarding reports that Hillary's private email technician, Paul Combetta, who was also granted immunity by the DOJ, had asked a Reddit forum for help stripping out the email address of a "VERY VIP" individual.