Why GoPro's New $399 HERO5 Black Won't Hurt Margins

GoPro websiteA look at the Go Pro Hero 5

And we think its stock price has almost unlimited room to run for early in-the-know investors!

GPRO has now pigeon-holed again into the action camera market, the one it already dominates.

The most-awaited Karma drone is unveiled by action camera maker GoPro following many months of rumors. I've never used voice control with a camera, and having recently seen a friend demonstrate the Amazon Alexa with about a 50% success rate, I'm not sure I'd bother risking using it, but it might be useful for some things. A new "Linear" field of view was also added.

But as I briefly discussed shortly after the announcement, GoPro's new cameras seemed to draw a surprising amount of ire from analysts and investors - and not due to their new features.

But all in all, buyers would certainly be satisfied with the new GoPro's "classier, more expensive look", according to a review from Trusted Reviews. You can also check GoPro Hero5 Session model. Both products are up for grabs this coming October 2. It is also equipped with three microphones that work together to capture the best muffle-free audio to complement the high quality footage captured by the camera's 4K resolution filming. When we come out with a camera we try to optimize the costs out of the gate, but there is always room for cost reductions.

When the camera is on charge, you can set it to automatically upload any images or video that you have taken to the cloud.

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However, these analysts showed concern over the new product's pricing.

GoPro also upgraded its tiny Session camera. When you want to fly the drone, all you have to do is open the pack, extend Karma's arms and fly. The flyer has a game-style controller with a touch display, so you don't need a phone or tablet to see what the drone sees.In addition, the unit's three-axis camera stabilizer can be removed and attached to a grip included with the package for handheld recording or for recording from other GoPro mounts.

To be fair, this new pricing structure enjoys the benefit of positive perception from a consumer's standpoint; they're now able to purchase the exceptional HERO5 Black at the same price as GoPro's previous mid-tier model, even in all its 4K-recording, waterproof, cloud-connected, voice-controlled glory.

Karma has been designed mainly for its camera handling but it does also simplify flying controls for the novice drone pilots, states a report on Cnet. There are controls for shutter, mode, angle, record and more on the handle. Most significantly-for some users, it doesn't have one of the latest new drone modes: a "follow-me" mode.

GoPro Inc's founder and CEO Nick Woodman (C) celebrates GoPro Inc's IPO with family and staff at the Nasdaq Market Site in New York City, June 26, 2014.

Battery life is 20 minutes and the Karma has a maximum speed of 35mph and can travel a maximum distance of 1000m from the controller.