Train plows into New Jersey station; 1 dead, 100-plus hurt


The crash occurred during morning rush, at about 8:30 a.m. ET.

There was visible structural damage to the historic station building, which is more than a century old and was recently renovated.

The National Transportation Safety Board is already beginning to gather evidence regarding the incident, which at this time, appears to be accidental, possibly attributable to some type of mechanical failure.

Chris Mann, 34, said he was less than 100 feet from the train when he heard the crash. They also plan to look into whether positive train control - a safety system created to prevent accidents by overriding the engineer and automatically slowing or stopping trains that are going too fast - could have helped.

NJ Transit did not immediately provide further information about the crash.

Witnesses claim the scene was filled with police and other emergency personnel helping victims. She was between the first and second cars and was shaken up but not injured.

Passenger Bhagyesh Shah said the train was crowded, particularly the first two cars, because they make for an easy exit into the Hoboken station.

"We are encouraging people to stay away from Hoboken terminal", Nelson said.

The train that crashed originated in Spring Valley, N.Y., and "collided with the platform" at Hoboken Terminal at around 8:45 a.m. ET, Cuomo said earlier in a statement. Witness report that the train didn't seem to slow down as it approached the station. More than a hundred people total were reportedly injured in the crash.

Commuters tweeted photos and videos that showed significant damage to the station.

Rail service was suspended in and out of Hoboken, which is directly across the Hudson River from New York City.

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Jersey City Medical Center said it was treating over 50 patients, including three who were in serious condition with orthopedic injuries and deep cuts, chief medical officer Kenneth Garay said at a news conference. "We are plowing through something. and when the train came to a stop, I could see the parts of the roof on the first auto and some of the debris next to me", Shah said, according to CNN.

The Hoboken, New Jersey train station, scene of a train crash where a New Jersey Transit train derailed and crashed through the station, injuring more than 100 people, is pictured in Hoboken, New Jersey, U.S. September 29, 2016.

Hoboken, the last stop on the line, lies on the Hudson's west bank across from New York City.

Several others tweeted that they felt "lucky to be alive".

"I left the office and saw the train had gone right through the terminal and the roof collapsed".

Unbelievable scene in Hoboken right now.

- The Transit train was coming from NY crashed during the Thursday morning rush hour. The station underwent more renovations after it was extensively damaged during Superstorm Sandy in 2012.

The train smashed into the barriers at the end of the tracks, crashing through them and into the platform. He said that people stampeded to get out of the train and kicked the windows out.

Nancy Solomon of New Jersey Public Radio and WNYC was on the scene.

Hoboken is New Jersey Transit's fifth-busiest station with about 15,000 boardings per weekday, according to WABC-TV.