Volkswagen unveils the ID, a long-range electric auto due in 2020

Volkswagen unveils the ID, a long-range electric auto due in 2020

(The Audi e-tron and Porsche Mission-e concepts linked above both predate MEB.) The I.D. will be launched as a model parallel to VW's very successful Golf, and the dimensions look roughly similar based on the provided images of the vehicle.

The concept is underpinned by a completely new platform, called MEB, upon which future EV VWs will use, while the ID is powered by a 168hp electric motor, and firm also set itself the ambitious goal of selling million EVs by 2025. Unlike the e-Golf, Volkswagen's existing hybrid vehicle, the I.D. was not designed around an existing model.

Now, as the auto industry embraces a new wave of modern EVs-this time with longer range cars aimed at mass consumer acceptance-automakers are once again using a major European vehicle show to show off their potential plug-in wares. It also packs some cool gimmicks like a multifunction steering wheel which retracts itself when the auto is in I.D. Pilot (or autonomous) mode. The I.D. will be the first product to come out of Volkswagen's new commitment towards electric vehicles.

The electric battery pack on board Volkswagen I.D. Concept is well positioned in the center of the vehicle for equitable weight distribution of 48:52 front to rear allowing for neutral handling.

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The ID vehicle will have a range of 373 miles from a single charge, Volkswagen revealed at a motor show in Paris.

Volkswagen has confirmed that the concept has an autonomous driving mode that will be offered in production models from 2025, suggesting this steering wheel is only required during manual modes. He added: "In future, many people will no longer own a vehicle".

Nevertheless, the ID is a very bold statement of intent and a foundation for the growth of mainstream electric motoring in the most literal sense. While it's still a concept, the Generation EQ SUV is a preview of Mercedes' planned electric brand, EQ. "The other competitors are making great progress". At the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, there were no fewer than 42 electric cars and plug-in hybrids on display. We'll have to wait until later this week to find out more of the details, but we're listening, VW.