Twitter slams "Lyin'" Ted Cruz after his endorsement of Donald Trump


"I think we have one of two choices", Cruz responded, referring to Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton.

The former Republican nominee, Ted Cruz, announced through a Facebook post his support for Donald Trump, even though the two Republicans have had a previous history of rivalry.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said, "I am greatly honored by the endorsement of Senator Cruz".

This directly contradicts his unpopular refusal to support Trump at the Republican National Convention in July.

In an interview at the Texas Tribune Festival in Austin, moderator Evan Smith asked Trump, "Do you consider Donald Trump to be fit to be president?"

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"I think I have to apologize and say, maybe, perhaps, those of you who said Ted Cruz is calculating and a smarmy politician, I think I may have to slightly agree with you and apologize for saying, 'No, he wasn't, '" Beck added. Cruz", Trump said. "We have fought the battle and he was a tough and brilliant opponent.

Dismissing Cruz's early overtures, Trump had attacked the senator, dubbing him "Lyin' Ted" and suggesting he wasn't eligible to be president because he was born in Canada (most experts say that he was eligible since his mother was American). In addition to sharing an unflattering picture of Heidi Cruz, Trump also implied that Cruz's father was involved in the 1963 assassination of John F. Kennedy.

"If Hillary Clinton is elected president, the court will be lost for a generation and that means my daughter's rights will be lost for a generation", he said. Cruz responded that after much prayer that he and his family has chose to forgive the mercurial presidential candidate for his attacks.

Will Cruz's "endorsement" help Trump?

Mr Cruz cited the possibility of Democrats taking control of the US Supreme Court as a major reason why he made a decision to drop his opposition to Mr Trump. Smith and members of the audience questioned him further, asking whether or not he thought Trump could do just as much damage. On Twitter, conservative columnist and talk show host Steve Deace called the move the "worst political miscalculation of my lifetime" and said he suspected the move would cause more #NeverTrump voters to "dig in their heels deeper than be moved by Cruz's move". Post reporter Katie Zezima reports that Cruz is under pressure form donors to back Trump and that the prospect of a primary challenge in 2018 may increase if he does not.