What you need to know about the WashU presidential debate


The town hall style debate will be held at Washington University at 8pm this Sunday.

The second presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will look a little different from the first.

The Commission on Presidential Debates decides how to allocate tickets to the event. They're divided between the two campaigns and any remaining tickets will be given to Washington University.

Moderated by ABC's Martha Raddatz and CNN's Anderson Cooper, the second debate takes the form of a town hall with half of the questions based on public interest topics and the other half coming from citizen participants.

Any tickets WashU receives will be given to students through a lottery system.

Although NBC will be showing NFL football during Sunday night's debate, there are still several ways you'll be able to watch with KSDK NewsChannel 5.

She says that "the role of the journalist to be an advocate for the voters" and to "make sure they answer the question as stated".

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Two polls released on Thursday (6 October) reveal just how close the two candidates are.

Even if you're not in the audience, you still have the chance to get your question asked. Half of the questions will be from those in the audience and half will be from the moderators, the Commission on Presidential Debates said. People can then vote on those questions, and the moderators have agreed to consider the 30 questions with the most votes. "We are going to give you a lens to what is the most important thing for Americans to hear about".

Donald Trump needs to stay on task and recover from his debate flop last week. But it may also be his weakness.

Trump is also refusing to study and do real preparation for the debate, but he believes that he really won the first debate.

The first Presidential debate was screened to an estimated audience of 100 million when it took place in September.

"While our news media, to some degree is entertainment, we think we are reflecting more what people want to know about their candidates in the long term", Lilia Tamm Dixon, the executive director of the Open Debate Coalition, tells Variety's "PopPolitics" on SiriusXM.