Billy Bush's Future at 'Today' Uncertain


While allegations of Trump's previous sexual attacks on women now make the news, his campaign won the primary while proposing a ban on Muslims from entering the United States and attacking a Mexican-American judge for his heritage, actions indicative of a larger thread in Republican history, said Tisby.

Bush hired Hollywood power lawyer Marshall Grossman, who promptly spoke Thursday to The Hollywood Reporter, a leading trade publication.

"If Billy had been passive or responded "Shut the f-- up" to Trump, Billy would have been out of a job the next day", Grossman told THR.

In the videotape from 2005, which was filmed during the taping of an Access Hollywood segment, Bush laughs and goads Trump as he makes lewd and sexually offensive remarks about women, claiming he tried to have sex with the woman who was then Bush's co-host, Nancy O'Dell.

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She and Bush hosted "Access Hollywood" at the time the tape was made. When Bush was suspended Sunday, "Today" chief executive Noah Oppenheim said there was "simply no excuse" for Bush's language and behavior on the 2005 tape revealed Friday. (Page 6 recently reported that Bush had boasted of its existence while in Brazil).

Even though Bush didn't start the commentary, he was still a part of that conversation and the video shows he did nothing to condemn Trump's bragging about sexual assault. Other exaggerations, made mostly when he appeared on talk shows or spoke publicly, came to light but NBC never released results of its internal investigation into Williams' conduct.

Zucker said she now can't turn on the TV without seeing herself in footage with Trump. Reportedly, NBC knew about the tape all along and planned the exact moment of when to drop it - and now Billy wants to sue. Some journalists at the network were enraged the story was broken first by The Washington Post.