Creepy clowns are no laughing matter, writer says

Attacker in clown mask stabs man in Sweden

Police forces said they had received dozens of reports of "killer clown" sightings in the last week where individuals dressed in clown outfits sometimes carrying knives have acted suspiciously or chased people, often young children. According to Coleman, children are usually the origin for any of these reports, and concern for child safety leads to action being taken, which leads to the media taking notice, which then leads to copycat clowns.

Police in Surrey and Hampshire say they won't tolerate the behaviour.

Bowie Police advise anyone who receives an actual threatening text or phone call to call local law enforcement at 911 or 872-2251.

Martin Wilson, director at TIN Arts in Durham - who run the clown programme - said they were disappointed, but hoped the hype would die down soon. So if everyone just took a moment and stopped paying attention to clowns, all of this panic and hysteria would probably die down soon enough.

Speaking in the aftermath of the weekend's reports, Supt Pannone said: "Dressing up as a clown to scare people may seem like a joke, but it is no laughing matter".

It's one thing for dress up for Halloween, but that's several weeks away, he said. It's intimidating and it is not nice.

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"It's not cool at all and it's just gone a little bit too far".

The folks at Vox have created a video detailing not only this current "creepy clown epidemic", but also why we've come to fear clowns so much in the first place, and why the victims of these clown pranks may be more risky than the clowns themselves.

"We are looking into it and it probably is a prank, but until we know for sure we won't rule out the threat", Green said. He was running behind her making gestures and shouting something at her. The suspect was wearing a green wig and had their face painted white with black around the eyes.

"He was trying to scare her by chasing her but thankfully got bored when he realised it wasn't working". "I think that numerous people doing this will have bought online anyway, as it's more anonymous". We were scared for our friend. "We don't want any of that". We slowed down and turned round to see what he was doing.

"It's the most popular event, and we expect to see between 10,000 and 12,000 people over the course of the week". A clown could be walking around with a nerf sword and people would still think it was a weapon. We were anxious about the comeback for him.