Father of U.S. war hero attacks Trump's comment at debate


An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll conducted Saturday and Sunday had Clinton with 46 percent of registered voters-a typical number for her of late-and Trump with just 35 percent, a shockingly low result he hadn't received in any recognized survey since August.

It was not enough for Trump that he continue to slime our airwaves and the Internet with his offensive rants and tweets or that he responded to the 2005 videotape of his sexist, brutish behavior with a non-apology apology that segued into yet another attack on the Clintons. House Speaker Kurt Daudt, R-Zimmerman and former Gov. Tim Pawlenty Saturday called for Trump to abandon his campaign, while 3rd District U.S. Rep. Eric Paulsen said he would not vote for Trump. After all, House Majority Leader Paul Ryan just withdrew his support for Trump, which could be a footnote, or the start of a green light for Republicans to abandon their nominee en masse.

But the supporters in attendance appeared energized as Trump repeated his campaign platform. He said if he were president Clinton would be in jail.

"If you look at Bill Clinton, far worse", Trump insisted. But there was a sense among Republicans that Trump had survived the night, and was not knocked out, as many had feared and expected.

Clinton said a leaked 2005 video recording where Trump can be heard making lewd comments about women shows "exactly who he is" and that his campaign is "exploding" after Trump lost the support of several high-profile Republicans in the wake of the video.

Trump by contrast boasts of how the law should not apply to him. He also interrupted the moderators and complained that they did not ask Clinton about her infamously controversial emails, despite the fact that Martha Raddatz posed the question early on in the night.

She said of Trump: "He's turned the presidential election into a mockery".

"It's about the American people fighting back against corrupt politicians who don't care about anything except for staying in power", he said. "Leading up to the event - throughout the day - there were huge numbers of mentions for Trump".

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"We're screwed with either one of them", said Sally Stevens, 63, of New Orleans. "I believe in forgiveness".

Trump threatened to jail Clinton if he is elected for her handling of national security emails while she was the USA secretary of state and claimed she had "tremendous hate in her heart" for voters.

"When they came together but didn't shake hands you knew you were in for a long evening", she said.

She accused Trump of dodging a discussion of policy issues to avoid talking about his campaign because of "the way yours is exploding and Republicans are leaving you". "I had him take a polygraph, which he passed, which forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs".

"When we get to mid-October, history tells us people have already made their decisions", he said. Ohio Republican Party Chairman Matt Borges remains uncertain about his pick for president. And Trump's explanation that such talk is simply locker room banter? "No".

"Everything is on course", Priebus said, according to a participant in the call.

The explosive second presidential debate rocked the United States Sunday night, but who came out on top? She is every woman who must suppress a sigh when the blowhard in accounts management talks over her - only, in Clinton's case, that blowhard isn't just pointlessly pontificating about email blasts; he's a candidate for the most powerful position in the world.