Google searches for 'write-in' are off the charts

Embargoed to St. Louis MO
File Voting booth at a polling site in Missouri

This is just the latest example of popular online hangouts such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Google-owned YouTube helping get out the vote.

Americans can Google search "who's on my ballot" to find out the candidates ranging from president to congressional, state-level and even local positions. Showing when the election is, who's running and so forth.

Dissatisfied voters are now searching for alternate options ahead of November's election, which is less than a month away. The search engine has also begun displaying sample ballots and offering voters detailed information about their polling place and their state's voting rules, such as what, if any, ID is required.

Google warns, however, that polling data state by state will roll out over the next few days, as the company needs to receive the information from each individual state. Queries about ballots are up 137 percent; searches about where a polling place is located are up 379 percent. Searching "register to vote" also brought forth state-specific details for how to register, requirements, and deadlines for registering.

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Again, correlation does not mean causation, but the apparent increase in searches for "write in" as the contentious election nears could indicate that this election will see an increase in the number of non-nominee votes.

According to Schonberg, Google's efforts to help voters has been taking place since 2008.

For this special project, Google has collaborated with a handful of voter groups including the Voting Information Project, the Ballot Information Project and Democracy Works.

More voting information will be available if you need help on how to register, how to vote, and where you should go to vote.