John Podesta hacked again, this time on Twitter


Cella was referring to a leaked email chain with the subject "Conservative Catholicism" from 2011 in which Jennifer Palmieri, a Catholic herself, who is now Clinton's communications director, and John Halpin, a fellow at the Center for American Progress, discussed Rupert Murdoch, CEO of News Corp, a media conglomerate that includes Fox News in its holdings, and Wall Street Journal managing editor Robert Thomson having had their children baptized as Catholics.

"Hillary Clinton has already called half of her opponents" supporters "a basket of deplorables" and "irredeemable' and now it comes out that her campaign spokeswoman dismissively question [ed] the sincerity of Catholic Americans' faith", said Brian Burch, president of CatholicVote to the Washington Times.

Clinton eventually announced that she opposed the pipeline on September 22, 2015, at a town hall event in Des Moines, Iowa, early in the contest to win the Democratic presidential nomination. In fact, subsequent Assange email releases, through batch three, revealed possible collusion with respect to the FBI investigation of Clinton's 33,000 missing emails-emails that many believe would reveal pay-for-play. Stone denied that claim to the Associated Press.

While Clinton throw shade at the Trump camp, at least four contestants from the 1997 Miss Teen USA Beauty Pageant are claiming Trump entered their dressing room while the teens were changing. "Anybody of religion, I really think you have to vote for Donald Trump to be honest with you", he said. Clinton has struggled to win over the liberals who gravitated to Sanders during the primary, and who remains ahead in large part due to Donald Trump's historic weaknesses.

"She will continue the task of disassembling America's freedoms", he said.

Republicans have previously condemned WikiLeaks and similarly blasted the leaks by Edward J. Snowden, a National Security Agency contractor, and said they were evidence of carelessness by the Obama administration. In the emails, John Podesta assures that "the revolution" is now underway, and that he is doing his best to promote the Democrat agenda on the Church.

"The new emails also show members of the Clinton team viciously attacking Catholics and Evangelicals and that won't be tolerated by the voters", Trump tells an audience.

Pence blames media, Clinton, for Trump 'slander'
Dozens of other elected Republicans denounced Trump's comments but have remained silent on whether they will still vote for him. Such comments were distinctively at odds with her tough talk about trade and Wall Street during the primary campaign.

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The idea of immediately releasing Clinton's work-related emails in March 2015 may have softened her reputation for prizing secrecy over transparency.

A month before Clinton launched her campaign, her aides worked to corral her well-known love for granular policy details into a message that would both capture her agenda and present a forward-looking, aspirational vision.

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton with communications director Jennifer Palmieri on campaign plane, September 6, 2016.

As the email controversy escalated in the summer of 2015, Clinton herself seemed slow to grasp the continuing political damage.

To paraphrase Lincoln's 1855 letter, we now practically read the Declaration of Independence, 'all men are created equal, except Catholics, ' "deplorables", the "irredeemable", "everyday Americans" (which Palmieri noted Clinton "had begun to hate"), and countless other patriotic Americans. And I should tell you, I just emailed HRC (I hear she's a big emailer), and asked if she'd join as well. Likewise Catholics United. Like most Spring movements, I think this one will have to be bottom up.

"Fed (sic) never said this to me but he confided to Ken that his Cabinet stints ripped up his family", Podesta wrote in an email apparently addressed to Clinton and top aide Huma Abedin. "But I am kind of zen about it at this stage, personally".

In an interview a couple weeks later, Clinton said she did not need to apologize because "what I did was allowed".