Karma Plays A Cruel Trick On Impatient BMW Driver


The camera auto slows to allow a school bus to turn right and is promptly honked at from behind, presumably by the BMW shown in the rearview camera.

A driver in NY found himself on top of a guardrail after a failed attempt to pass a school bus.

A BMW was driving behind the dashcam vehicle and seemed to be a bit perturbed about them letting the school bus in, according to Mashable.

As the cars drive onto the upcoming on-ramp, the BMW attempts to speed around the auto in front and then hits an orange barrel.

As the auto drives forward toward the on-ramp, the BMW driver speeds up and tries to pass him while he is turning left onto an on-ramp.

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The BMW climbed the concrete railing and crashed into the bus on Tuesday, according to News 10 Albany. Because of this, the BMW was forced to hit a school bus and drive up and onto a median.

BMW drivers have a bad rep for being real jerks behind the wheel, and videos like this don't help the stereotype much.

Who knows what made this BMW driver maneuver his F30 3-Series saloon the way he did, but chances are you don't go for that type of overtaking without being a little irritated with traffic.

There were no injuries as a result of the accident.